White vinegar

How to prevent spots every day

  1. Eat more foods containing vitamin C and vitamin E, fruits and vegetables. Both vitamins can prevent and remove dental plaque
  2. Do a good job of anti-radiation, such as adding anti-radiation film on the display screen to avoid direct sunlight. This prevents the long spots from getting better.
  3. Eat more and use sensitive fruits and vegetables such as lemon, celery, bergamot, carrot, etc. Try not to touch the sun to prevent the accelerated production of melanin.
  4. Choose genuine brand cosmetics and skin care products.

White vinegar and kasai lotion are condiments, one is medicine, but they have skin care effects that many skin care products can’t match. White vinegar has the function of softening skin keratin, can clean dead skin and clean skin pores. The main ingredient of Keselu is glycerin, which contains a lot of water, which can keep the skin moist, improve the skin’s metabolism, and reduce the effect of melanin precipitation.

The stimulating effect of white vinegar is still very strong, it will irritate the skin. Therefore, not everyone can use this method. If you don’t understand your skin, don’t try blindly.

Most skin problems encountered are due to skin care. Do not understand, caused by blind operation.

Preparation materials: toothpaste, open plug and white vinegar

The method of use is also very simple. Put toothpaste and white vinegar into a bowl, add a proper amount of warm water, open the stopper and stir (if the skin is dry, add some honey) and then evenly spread the liquid by hand. On the face, wash in five minutes!

Special note: This method is very useful, but not suitable for everyone! Everyone has different skin types and different methods are suitable for you. If you want to improve your skin problems, you can first figure out what kind of skin you have and find a method that suits you. Then you will be beautiful.