What is the red blood on the face

Have you also encountered this situation: red spots appear on your face when the season changes. Is it because of skin allergies, hot, and dry skin? Or is it because of young age, thinning of the stratum corneum and skin intolerance? Don’t be afraid, this will teach you how to deal with these skin symptoms. Manage your skin correctly and be a delicate and beautiful girl.

What is red blood?

Capillaries exist in the dermis. When the epidermis is stimulated or damaged, its ability to supply nutrients decreases, and the capillaries will volunteer to run up to help the epidermis provide nutrients. With continuous stimulation and damage, the blood speed of the capillaries increases, causing the capillaries to expand, and there is a large amount of blood stasis in the blood vessels after contraction. As a result, dots, nets, and flakes of red blood appeared.

What factors can cause red blood streaks?

Physical factors

Wind, sun, high temperature, cold, etc., especially in winter. This is why many people face redness, hotness, and heat in the afternoon in winter.

Hormonal causes

For example, the usual use of piyanping ointments, or some products without certification, caused hormone dependence, resulting in decreased elasticity of the blood vessels and weakened, dilated or atrophy.

Improper skin care

For example, when washing your face, especially those with acne or oily skin, they often use hot water to clean them. It is thought that the purpose of removing oil and protecting the skin can be achieved, but in fact, this method just hurts the skin. Because overheated water will destroy the skin surface that effectively protects the sebum film, making our skin more susceptible to external factors, some external harmful factors, then this is very harmful to the skin.

What should I pay attention to in daily skin care?

If you want to repair the red blood streaks, you must be psychologically prepared for a protracted battle, and long-term care can be effective.

The following are the precautions:

  1. Avoid irritating ingredients

The common feature of red bloodshot skin and sensitive muscle is that it is easily irritated. So avoid all kinds of irritating ingredients, such as flavors and fragrances, preservatives, alcohol and other ingredients.

  1. Treat your face tenderly

Get rid of the habit of rubbing your face vigorously and use mild cleansing products. Do not exfoliate frequently, and do not abuse acid products.

  1. Don’t overuse skin care products

Because red blood skin is very sensitive, don’t use a lot of products one after another, just do a good job of moisturizing. For hydrating, you can choose products with simple ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, and for moisturizing, you can use thicker creams. As for essences, many essences contain alcohol in order to promote absorption. It’s not that alcohol is bad, but it may be more irritating, so girls should be cautious when choosing.

  1. Try to avoid heavy makeup

If you must go to see your boyfriend with a beautiful painting, light makeup is also possible. You can choose a mineral foundation and use facial cleanser to remove it later.

  1. Choose skin care products from regular channels.

Be sure to avoid skin care products that contain hormones, because hormones are one of the predisposing factors for rosacea (rosacea) and acne.

  1. There is also need to pay attention to moisturizing and sunscreen

Sun protection is a skin care procedure that every girl should do well. It is best to strengthen physical sun protection for red blood skin. Wearing an umbrella, wearing a hat, etc. has a good sun protection effect and will not be irritating. It is best to choose a physical sunscreen and a less irritating product for sunscreen. Strong sun exposure can also cause red blood.

However, red blood streaks in some girls may be caused by exposure to the sun, inferior cosmetics, drinking or eating too spicy. This situation is much easier to solve. First, these bad stimuli must be stopped before the red blood streaks can be gradually improved. Don’t worry even if you have red blood streaks. No skin care method can be effective immediately. Develop good habit is the permanent way of skin care.