What happens to your body the next day you stay up late

Staying up late is very addictive. Everyone has various reasons for being addicted to staying up late. For example, I want to watch a drama while I only have a little free time, and I want to do it for a while. Tone, if I want to shop, there will be an orange software.

It’s just that as time goes on, it’s wee hours all at once, and it’s all night.

On the second day after staying up late, our body will have different changes:

Skin changes:

People who stay up all night have one of the biggest signs, that is, dark circles and bags under the eyes (except for those that are born with them). Often our endocrine will be disordered after going to bed and staying up late, so it’s no surprise that these grow out. Not only dark circles and bags under the eyes, but also acne, etc. will appear. The skin condition will really become poor. At that time, you will need to cover it thickly with a concealer foundation.

Attention changes

The lack of sleep can lead to inattention, and memory will also be affected. Over time, not only your brain will feel tired, but our eyes will also feel dry and tired, and the loss of vision will be even worse.

Changes in immunity

We will find that people who usually work overtime on night shifts will find that their immunity is very weak. When staying up late, people’s normal physiological cycle is destroyed, the body’s normal “response” system is destroyed, and the body’s normal metabolic function will be affected. Prone to disease.

We often regret very much after staying up late and are afraid that the disease will find us but want to stay up late, just like this back and forth on the verge of danger and sickness.