Using honey can make the skin smooth and tender and reduce wrinkles!

Coup 1: First of all, let me explain a little bit, washing your face with honey is not directly from taking honey to smear your face. Although it is said that washing the face with honey has the effect of beauty, we need to make honey into honey water. It is impossible to wash the face directly with pure honey. The operation method is very simple.

First, we add a certain proportion of honey to the face wash to wash the face. Take some warm water, the temperature should not be too high, generally around 40 degrees is best, after reaching a certain proportion of honey, then stir it evenly.

Especially for women with rough skin, wash your face with honey water every morning, and if you persist for a month, you will find that the skin will have a cosmetic effect. If you persist for a year, you can keep women’s skin young and look very shiny for minutes.

Coup 2: In daily life, some people like to use some cleansing milk in the morning. If we need to use honey to wash our face, we also need to master certain methods and steps. First of all, we need to ensure that our hands are clean before cleaning our skin.

If there are bacteria in the hands or nails, then we have to clean them at this time, the purpose is to prevent the bacteria on the hands, and then touch the face, and then contaminate the honey.

Coup 3: Use the cleanser to pat our face, and then we take out some honey and apply it appropriately on the palms of our hands. Since everyone knows that honey is relatively sticky, we need to dilute the honey with water.

Then add honey and apply it on the face, gently press our fingers on the face and make a circle. The step of making a circle is to make a circle upwards and outwards, so that the skin can be lifted and gently massaged. After 5 minutes, we will Wash the skin with clean water.