Understanding the skin’s biological clock

Are you still ineffective skin care? Are you still wondering why I still look the same after taking skin care for so long? Actually, did you know that our skin also has a biological clock.


Requirements: Anti-oxidation and protection

At this time, the skin needs to face a variety of external stimuli, UV pollution, free radicals, etc

The skin will automatically turn on the protection mode at this time to strengthen the barrier function to respond to external pressure. Skin alone cannot resist these, so sunscreen, anti-oxidation and anti-pollution products are needed.


Requirements: anti-blue light and whitening

The blue light emitted by the mobile phone screen will accelerate the dullness of the skin. Some anti-blue light products and powerful essences are needed to supplement enough nutrients to resist blue light and prevent dullness.

Small tips: The effect of using whitening products at night is better than during the day.


Needs: sleep and repair

Without interference from the external environment, the skin opens the repair mode to activate skin cells. At this time, the cell division is 7-8 times faster than usual. It can grow, repair and metabolize quickly. Therefore, a good sleep can restore the skin to a good state. At the same time, it is necessary to supplement some products that cooperate to repair the barrier to keep the skin up The speed of division.

Nowadays, young people stay up late and stay up all night accustomed to it. They can apply niacinamide, which can adjust the skin’s biological clock and return the skin to its normal rhythm of rest and work.