Thrush is a technique

Eyebrows also determine the temperament of a woman, so drawing eyebrows is definitely the key!

Come and learn Thrush!

Eyebrow: can be connected to the nose in a straight line (or more than that is OK)

Eyebrow peak: can be connected to the nose and the outer edge of the black eyeball

Eyebrow tail: connected to the nose and the end of the eye, and the length is just a little longer than the eye (the eyeliner is just full length after drawing) the overall ratio is 2:1

The first step in trimming eyebrows is to understand your eyebrow shape!

Before trimming the eyebrows, it is best to use the eyebrow pencil to draw the shape you want.

In fact, most of the girls are in this situation, the brow crook is not obvious, that is, there are too many miscellaneous hairs under the eyebrows, and the effect of trimming the tail will be very good! Also very natural! The newly grown miscellaneous hairs should be plucked, and the longer ones should be trimmed!

Before trimming, you should comb it smoothly, and by the way, see how many parts have become longer (that is, those near the arrow). The eyebrows are almost a lot worse! ! ! Don’t cut too much at once! Miscellaneous hair can not be let go. When cultivating, remember to compare it to see if it is as tall as ever!

Next enter the step of drawing eyebrows

Daily eyebrow makeup is done in 2 minutes!

If the eyebrow shape is already OK, you can use eyebrow powder, the purpose is to make the eyebrows more uniform, more three-dimensional, and the eyes are more energetic!

The end of the eyebrows and the eyebrows need to be light, first brush the middle section. Draw the brows slowly outwards, and don’t make them too heavy. The end of the eyebrows should be leveled with the brush and drawn flat. The blooming process will inevitably go a little bit further, and finally wipe it clean with a cotton swab!

I chose the dark coffee eyebrow pencil, so black or brown hair is OK!

In fact, if you want to be more complete, you can apply the eyebrow cream, and it will be less likely to take off.