These 5 tips allow you to holding makeup for 12 hours a day

The most worrying thing in summer is oily sweating, which leads to makeup removal. I go out beautifully in the morning, and my face starts to shine in the afternoon. What should I do if I have to date after get off work?

If you want to maintain a perfect makeup without taking off your makeup, you must have a hand. I heard that the following methods can keep you on makeup for at least 12 hours a day. In addition to reducing the chance of oil on your face, your facial skin can stay moisturized all day!

Moisturizing before makeup

I believe you are all familiar with this technique, right? Moisturizing the skin can not only prevent the skin from being too dry and difficult to put on makeup, but also to prevent the subsequent skin from oiling and removing makeup.

The pre-makeup maintenance procedures should be sufficient. After applying the sunscreen, if you want to make the makeup more adherent, you can add a pre-makeup moisturizing procedure.

The editor will carefully complete the maintenance steps one by one before makeup. Apply a moisturizing morning mask 1 minute before makeup to keep the skin moisturized, or use a moisturizing essence to modify pores and redness. .

Setting spray

Here is a reminder that the makeup setting spray and moisturizing spray are different in nature! If you use moisturizing spray as a makeup setting spray, it may ruin your beautiful makeup!

Before purchasing a makeup setting spray, make sure that the name of the product contains the words “Makeup Setting Spray” instead of “Facial Mist”!

The editor recommends spraying the makeup setting spray after applying a layer of powder to fix the makeup. In addition to helping reduce the powdery feeling, it can also be used as a protective cover to help your makeup and skin fit more perfectly.

Make up the details

Many make-up brands on the market have launched makeup-holding accessories, such as makeup setting spray, makeup primer, eyeshadow primer, eyebrow raincoat, etc. Adding these small objects during makeup can make the makeup last longer, as long as the partial makeup details are done Well, I believe your makeup will remain in good condition for more than half a day.

Sandwich base makeup

Generally, the SOP for makeup is cream> foundation> powder. If you don’t want to take off your makeup in the hot summer, the “sandwich base makeup method” of the editor may be more suitable for you!

After the moisturizing step before makeup is done, apply a thin layer of powder on the entire face, then apply foundation and continue to complete the follow-up makeup.

Adding a layer of powder before the foundation can prevent the foundation from directly contacting the skin. When the facial skin is oily, it will first merge with that layer of powder, so that it will not affect the final makeup!

Baking setting method

This setting method is very suitable for people with oily skin. After applying the base makeup, apply a thick layer of powder to the oily areas such as the T-shaped area and the wing of the nose. Wait for a few minutes before applying the thick powder. Brush evenly with a thick layer of powder.

The purpose of this is to insulate the base makeup from air. When the skin’s temperature rises and oil is released, the base makeup will dissolve on the skin and will not cause makeup, so the makeup can be maintained for a long time.