The way to wear high

When it comes to height, it can be said that many girls have suffered a serious injury. There is already some hope for girls who are over the age to grow taller. Many girls have to find ways to wear them. After all, who does not want to be white. What about beautiful long legs? But there are many fairies who look tall and wear the right ones, and they will look short if they are wrong.

It can be said that many fairy fairies can’t find the rule of showing height when wearing them, but the editor has checked a lot of information to help you find it. How to wear it, how to wear it, how to wear it, a few sets of wear and match make your legs one-meter-eight, white and beautiful long legs are no longer a dream. Follow the editor to get it.

How to wear it

  1. Sweater + skirt

Sweaters and skirts can be said to be the unchanging rule for thousands of years. We are approaching in spring, and we are about to take off our thick winter clothes. A small number of fairies can’t hide their fat bodies. But the sweater with a skirt can help you cover the fleshy body again, and it perfectly reveals the thinnest parts of the fat girl, and what is even more incredible is that the legs are long. Where is the reason to go?

  1. Pullover sweater + wide-leg pants

Needless to say, the wide-leg pants are forever incapable of us, and they are also a versatile artifact. A knitted sweater with a pullover is just right in thickness, it will not feel hot or cold, and a wide-leg pants perfectly integrates the looseness of the sweater. Wide-leg pants are very friendly to tall girls or girls of medium body. Wide-leg pants can cover the ankles and wear out the temperament, which is perfect and proper. The loafers that have gradually returned in the past two years are also a good choice, because the shoes that can expose your ankles can make your body taller.

  1. Black loose T-shirt + retro jeans

If you want to look tall, you must have a pair of high-waisted jeans, preferably nine or eight-pointers, because a longer high-waisted vintage denim will be cumbersome and make you visually shorter. , With a black loose top, black slimming is our magic color that we have tried all these years. Wearing ninth pants can reveal the ankle position, making the feet look slender and slender. The combination of the two is perfect. You can choose shoes that can leak out of the instep on the shoes, because that will make your legs longer visually.