The role and effect of pearl powder

Applying a facial mask has become an indispensable skin care among our women. But many people will use pearl powder to make facial masks to cover their faces. Pearl powder can not only whiten, but also dispel freckles. But how long can it be stored for a bag of pearl powder?

How long is the shelf life of pearl powder?

The shelf life of pearl powder is generally two years. The pearl powder after the expiration date should not be used anymore, the pearl powder after the expiration date will turn yellow and become dull. Generally, the storage conditions of pearl powder should also be sealed in a cool and dry place.

The role and effect of pearl powder

Pearl powder contains a lot of amino acids and taurine, and it has a good cosmetic effect when used externally. , Pearl powder can also resist the production of melanin in the body and free radicals, and keep the facial skin smooth and fair. It is recommended that you can also use pearl powder to make a mask, which also has the effect of whitening the skin.

How to apply pearl powder externally

  1. Pressed powder method: Every morning, apply daily skin cream after cleansing the face. Dip an appropriate amount of pearl powder with the powder puff and puff evenly on the face, keeping it ok.
  2. Whitening method: Mix a small amount of pearl powder with moisturizer or sunscreen each time. Apply the five-point method to the face for whitening and nourishing.
  3. Anti-acne method: Before going to bed, thoroughly clean the skin. Apply water and pearl powder on the acne area to cover the acne, and keep it until early morning.
  4. Facial mask method: clean the face, apply a hot towel on the face for five minutes. Use half an egg white and an appropriate amount of pearl powder to spread evenly on the face. After keeping for 15-20 minutes, rinse off with clean water.

What to pay attention to when using pearl powder

We all know that pearl powder contains whitening molecules, so don’t choose to use it in the morning, especially in summer. In summer, the ultraviolet rays outside the room are very high, and the whitening factor likes to combine with ultraviolet rays, so if you use pearl powder in the morning, the expected effect will not be achieved, it will increase the tanning of the skin and deposit more melanin. So in summer, if you use pearl powder for skin care, it is better to choose at night. At night, we need to remove makeup and clean the skin before using pearl powder. In order to prevent the pearl powder from falling off from time to time, you can add a little honey to it, not too much, otherwise the pearl powder will be spread unevenly on the face.