The most versatile sweater + jeans

  1. White turtleneck sweater + black jeans

This white turtleneck sweater is very pretty and beautiful, with lettering design and full of fashion sense. It can be worn as a base or outside. It is a very good sweater. It has a slim fit and keeps you warm. The lower body is matched with a pair of black pants. Tall and temperament, it looks very attractive to wear.

  1. Red sweater + nine-point jeans

Red clothes are also the most popular color in autumn and winter. This is a sweater with a red hue. The design of flared sleeves is more fashionable and beautiful. The sleeves are also decorated with ruffles. You can wear it without any mistake.

The classic big round neckline reveals your sexy neck line, and the lower body is a very versatile nine-point jeans. The design of the small holes in the pants highlights your fashion sense. Wear a pair of white shoes and take photos at home in the New Year. So beautiful to wear!

  1. Yellow diamond sweater + white jeans

The yellow rhombus sweater with a very western style and temperament can capture your love of beauty at a glance. The slightly high round neck design modifies the neckline. It is matched with white wide-leg jeans, high-waisted and straight-shaped.

The nine-point pants length makes it easy to wear and looks tall and thin, and it looks like an indescribable sense of laziness. A pair of blue sneakers makes your look more casual and comfortable, really simple and beautiful.

  1. Pink sweater + wide-leg jeans

If you are a sweet gir, you must start with a very fashionable pink sweater for concave shape this fall, which can perfectly show your sweet temperament, and it is also very fashionable.

Choose this wide-leg jeans collocation for the lower body. Pay attention to starting with the sweater inside the jeans. This way of wearing can better show the curve of your long legs, so that you can look thin and tall.

  1. Trumpet sleeve black sweater + jeans

Black is the most simple and versatile model. It looks good with anything you want. The classic round neck design makes it easy to wear and does not choose your figure. The design with straps on both sides of the hem adds a sense of sexiness and fashion. , Make simple sweaters look much better.

The sleeve shape of the sleeves and trumpets, when swinging the arms, it seems to be windy. It is both playful and cute, and adds aura. The lower body is matched with jeans, and it feels like wearing the whole season. Fried chicken looks good, and then wear a pair of white loafers , Instantly enhance your sense of style.