The less the skin care product is applied, the smaller the effect!

Girls, how much do you usually use every time you use skin care products? It all depends on how much money is spent on skin care products. I always think that this skin care product can be used forever. Don’t daydream about it. No matter what it is, there will always be an empty bottle.

Squeeze a little bit for the expensive ones, just use the cheap ones. But it should be understood that the less you apply, the smaller the effect. But on the contrary, the more you apply, the skin may not be able to absorb it

Therefore, the amount of skin care products must be appropriate! , Appropriate is the best.

For moisturizing creams, lotions and emulsions, you need to apply at least 2 pearls.

In order to fully moisturize, it is recommended to use a sufficient amount of moderately priced products instead of a small amount of high-priced products. Unless you are a rich woman, then just pretend that I didn’t say anything before. The meticulous care to ensure that the skin is hydrated for 24 hours can save you from worrying about repeated application or reapplication.