The difference between Su Yan cream and BB cream

The function of the make-up cream is to moisturize the skin, brighten the skin tone, and make the skin look good even without makeup, so do I need to set makeup after using the make-up cream?

Does the makeup cream need to be set?

There is no need to set makeup after using the makeup cream. Su Yan cream is a skin care product rather than cosmetics. Its function is to brighten and moisturize the skin. It is different from BB cream and liquid foundation. There is no makeup removal, so there is no need to set makeup. If you use the makeup cream and apply makeup, the effect of the makeup cream will be lost.

The difference between Su Yan cream and BB cream

  1. Category

Su Yan cream is a skin care cream, you can use it for whitening skin care after using a lotion. BB cream belongs to cosmetics, which has the effects of concealing, brightening and whitening, and can create flawless nude makeup.

Second, the texture

Su Yan cream added “titanium dioxide” ingredients, so it is a white cream makeup, thick texture and easy to push away. And BB cream is added some concealer, whitening ingredients, generally pink or white color, not as easy to push off as plain cream.

Three, makeup

The makeup cream just brightens the skin tone, so it will be very natural to put it on. The BB cream has a whitening effect, plus it has to play a role in concealing, so its makeup will be relatively thick, so that it can modify the face and improve uneven skin tone.

Four, concealer

No-face cream has no concealing power and only brightens the skin tone. BB cream has concealing power, and the concealing effect is more obvious. With BB cream, the skin tone will become smoother and translucent, covering up facial blemishes.

Five, makeup remover problem

Basically, you don’t need to remove your makeup with a face cream, just clean it with a facial cleanser. BB cream needs to use toner to remove makeup, and after removing it, it must be cleaned with facial cleanser to completely remove makeup.