The correct way to remove blackheads

For people who love beauty, blackheads are really annoying. Because no matter how clean you make it, this thing will grow back in a few days! Leave it alone, the blackheads will only grow and increase, and the pores will become bigger and bigger. Could it be that we really can’t do anything about blackheads? Today, I will take a look at the truth that it is difficult to get rid of blackheads. By the way, I will teach you how to get rid of blackheads so that it is not easy to repeat, so that you can subvert your understanding of blackheads.

How did blackheads grow?

Blackheads, also called blackheads, are actually a type of acne. Under what conditions will it “transform” into a king (ie red and swollen acne)? We will talk about this later. In the final analysis, the blackheads of the president are two main reasons, oil secretion and clogged pores.

Under normal circumstances, the body’s oil secretion is in a balanced state. What does balance mean? That is, the oil does not exceed the load of the pores. If you wash your face or wipe clean every day, the excess oil will be removed. In this case, the pores are unobstructed.

Once the sebum secretion is unbalanced, the rate of oil production will rush upwards. If the load of the pores is exceeded, the grease will easily accumulate, which will easily cause the pores to become clogged. As soon as these accumulated fats emerge from the pores and come into contact with the air, they become black when they are oxidized, which is what we commonly call “blackheads”. Moreover, once the pores are blocked, the secreted oil is more difficult to discharge.

If it is not handled in time and correctly, it will cause a vicious circle of “more and more grease-more and more clogged pores”. There may be many reasons for the strong oil secretion, such as genetic inheritance, differences in personal hormone levels, dietary oily polysaccharides, staying up late and so on.

Can blackheads be squeezed?

Squeezing by hand or picking with a needle is not advisable, it is easy to damage the pores and even the sebaceous glands, causing the pores to be organically coarse. It is recommended to remove blackheads step by step in the daily skin care steps.

How can skin care eliminate blackheads?

Nose, forehead and other parts of the oil secrete more, after cleansing the skin, you can wipe the skin with a lotion or cutin conditioner containing salicylic acid to remove the aging cutin, keep the pores open, and prevent the formation of blackheads.

Is there a way to stop the blackhead from growing?

As long as the oil has been secreted, the blackheads may reappear, so there is no one-time method to remove the blackheads. The most effective way is to use keratin conditioning skin care products containing salicylic acid and fruit acid every day. It is recommended to use a cleansing mask every week.

Don’t use these 4 methods anymore!

  1. Use nose stick

Tear-out violence can cause serious damage to the skin. Not only can it not eradicate blackheads, but it also makes the skin looser, the pores become enlarged, and maybe the skin is more sensitive. It’s not worth it! Maybe you would say: After tearing off the nose patch, you can indeed see some blackheads adhered to it. However, after a while, the blackheads will still “make a comeback.” After all, the gains outweigh the losses.

  1. Rub your face with salt and sugar

Folklore: Rubbing your face with salt and sugar can make your skin delicate and remove blackheads. Wait a minute! The particle size of these things is uneven, and it is extremely easy to cause scratches when rubbing the skin. If things go on like this, it will destroy the skin barrier and make the skin fragile and sensitive.

  1. Squeeze blackheads with your hands

When looking in the mirror and seeing annoying blackheads, someone can’t help but squeeze them with their hands. This simple and rude method cannot remove the blackheads from the root, and may also cause improper operation:

  • Expanded skin infection;
  • Blackhead drills deeper;
  • The pores are enlarged by being over-squeezed.
  1. Use blackhead to export liquid

The ingredients of the blackhead liquid are often strong acids and alkalis. Long-term use will corrode the pores, solidify the pores, and cause great damage to the skin.

In the final analysis, blackheads are actually a mild form of acne. A more reliable method of treatment is to consult a doctor, and then conduct scientific and reasonable medication. No method can guarantee the effective eradication of blackheads, nor can it guarantee that it will not recur.