The appearance of dull complexion

Obviously, when I look in the mirror in the morning, I am especially white, and I am especially satisfied. When I come back from get off work at night, my face turns black and dark yellow?

No matter what it is, there is a reason:

The performance of dull complexion:

Local pigmentation, lack of luster in skin promotion, etc., skin looks dull yellow

Why do I have a dull complexion?

Without sun protection measures, the stratum corneum is damaged, resulting in yellowing or dull skin due to melanin deposition after daily exposure.

Dry skin and lack of water, reduced water-holding function, resulting in accumulation of dust and dull skin.

Poor skin metabolism, excessive accumulation of old dead skin cells, causing problems with enlarged pores and blackheads, and the skin looks dull.

Inferior skin care products, three no products, etc.

Irregular daily work and rest, often staying up late.

Have a bad habit of smoking and drinking.

The surrounding environment is relatively harsh (also including the soon-to-be-worked boss asking you to get off work overtime or have a meeting), such as smog and dust, which can easily cause skin inflammation.