Skin care tips for sensitive skin in summer

The damage to sensitive muscles in this hot summer is no less than the damage to sensitive muscles in winter. In the hot season, even if we stand and lie still, we will still have sweaty back and the accelerated blood circulation will cause the skin to become red and hot. The whole face was red and swollen. So we just want to lie motionless in an air-conditioned room at 26°C. Continue reading “Skin care tips for sensitive skin in summer”

The way to wear high

When it comes to height, it can be said that many girls have suffered a serious injury. There is already some hope for girls who are over the age to grow taller. Many girls have to find ways to wear them. After all, who does not want to be white. What about beautiful long legs? But there are many fairies who look tall and wear the right ones, and they will look short if they are wrong. Continue reading “The way to wear high”

Recommended for spring and summer hair color suitable for yellow skin

Many girls with yellow skin actually hope that their hair color can be whiter, because fair skin is still very important for girls, and most girls still hope that they can be whiter. So what hair color can make yellow skin look fairer? What hair color is very friendly to yellow skin? Let’s take a look at the recommended spring and summer hair colors for yellow skin. What are the white hair colors? Continue reading “Recommended for spring and summer hair color suitable for yellow skin”

Girly daily wear

To be the most beautiful cub on this street, the style must be eye-catching! The most popular thing this summer is “Which boy’s youth is this again”. If you want to be someone else’s youth, you must wear a girly look. Today, I would like to recommend to everyone the daily outfits that are bursting with girlishness this summer, so that you will be full of vitality every day! Dress like this in summer, you are the most girlish girl. Continue reading “Girly daily wear”

It’s okay to wear it in summer

After entering the summer, the girls’ dresses will be mainly refreshing, so that the temperament that the whole person exudes will also be very different. I believe that girls who like to wear skirts know that this year’s fairy skirts are very popular. Fairy skirts have the illusory texture of dresses, especially some lighter-colored fairy skirts, the whole appearance has been greatly improved, but many girls who like fairy skirts are worried about how to match them, so fairies What kind of shoes should the skirt go with to look good? Continue reading “It’s okay to wear it in summer”

Summer white clothes color

With the advent of summer, the daily wear of girls is getting cooler and cooler. For fair-skinned girls, they will not worry about wearing anything in summer, and the fair skin will make the whole person more temperamental, no matter what All of the clothes look very nice. But for girls with bad skin, there are a lot of attention to dressing in summer, especially girls with yellowish and darker skin, and more attention should be paid to the clothes worn in summer, so as not to appear darker and darker. Yellow, then what color of clothes is the most white for this type of girl in summer? Continue reading “Summer white clothes color”

Summer essential eyeshadow

Summer has come quietly, if you want to add a fresh color to this summer, fashionable and beautiful eye shadow is essential. What kind of eyeshadow is the most popular this summer? Today I would like to recommend eye shadows suitable for summer. These eyeshadow palettes are the hottest and hottest eyeshadows on Xiaohongshu. Let it be the most beautiful little fairy this summer! Continue reading “Summer essential eyeshadow”