Popular colors for whitening nails

Nail art is the favorite thing of every little fairy. Looking at her beautiful nail art, I feel very happy. The popular color of nail art is different every year, and the popular color of nail art changes greatly. In addition to the classic whitening colors, there are many novel nail colors every year. These colors are unique and white and delicate. They are the favorites of many little fairies. So what are the popular colors of white nail art? What kind of nail color is suitable for different skin tones? Here is an introduction to the popular colors of whitening nails. Continue reading “Popular colors for whitening nails”

How long can the nail transfer paper last?

Many girls like to pour their nails upside down, paint their nails with nice colors, fashionable patterns, and keep them in a good mood all day long. If you don’t want to go to a nail shop, it’s a good choice to buy tools and do it yourself at home, but now there are so many different nail styles, and you need to keep learning to master the techniques. Today, I’ll teach you how to use nail transfer paper. Continue reading “How long can the nail transfer paper last?”