Summer white clothes color

With the advent of summer, the daily wear of girls is getting cooler and cooler. For fair-skinned girls, they will not worry about wearing anything in summer, and the fair skin will make the whole person more temperamental, no matter what All of the clothes look very nice. But for girls with bad skin, there are a lot of attention to dressing in summer, especially girls with yellowish and darker skin, and more attention should be paid to the clothes worn in summer, so as not to appear darker and darker. Yellow, then what color of clothes is the most white for this type of girl in summer?

What color clothes to wear in summer are white

  1. Blue

Blue is a kind of cool color. The visual effect will give people a feeling of cooling, and blue is very suitable for girls with yellow skin. No matter what style of blue clothes are only worn on the body, there will be a high-level Sensation, especially royal blue, is very suitable for women who are inclined to mature styles. The entire popularity field will also have a different feeling, and it also appears to be temperamental, so it is correct for girls with yellowish skin to choose blue clothes.

  1. Skylark Yellow

Yellow clothes are very close to the skin, fair-skinned girls wear white clothes, the skin will be more visible, and even the temperament of the whole person will be greatly improved, and girls with yellowish and darker skin can choose yellow to brighten up The skin color and the light yellow clothes are not only very good-looking, but also look high-quality as a whole.

  1. White

White is a very pure color, and wearing white clothes in summer is also very refreshing. No matter what style of white clothes are not particularly inferior, it has a sense of fashion and temperament, and the color is yellow and yellow. Black women can choose white dress styles, and a simple bag will have a different feeling as a whole, and white tops are also good with pants, so white is also a good choice.

  1. Black

Black and white are relative colors. If you want women with white skin to choose black, you can’t go wrong. Girls who like black clothes can choose some simple black dresses, which not only makes the whole person very temperamental, And there is a more important reason for being very thin.

  1. Advanced gray

The high-grade gray clothes are simply the savior of black and yellow-skinned girls, and they look fresher as a whole, and the skin will look much fairer. Especially for the thin girls, it adds a sense of coldness and depression.