Summer skin care is more refined and simpler

The biggest feature of summer is the sweltering heat. In addition to our need to escape from the heat, we also need to pay attention to the fact that we need to streamline skin care in summer. What we need to do in skin care in summer is refreshing and not heavy.

But no matter how simple it is, there are a few steps that cannot be ignored!

  1. Apply sunscreen

In summer, the ultraviolet rays are strong, so you must apply sunscreen, and do sunscreen 30 minutes before going out.

  1. Sunscreen also needs to remove makeup

Most of the sunscreens used in summer are physical sunscreens, and most of them have high spf. Therefore, if you use water to remove makeup, it may be unclean. Otherwise, if things go on like this, it will clog the pores and cause acne.

  1. Moderately clean

The oil secretion of oily skin is very strong, and many oily skins are easy to over-clean. Excessive washing of the face will lead to excessive dryness and tightness of the facial skin. Therefore, moderate cleaning is very important for oily skins.

Therefore, it is very important to streamline the skin in summer, but to streamline the skin and forget the above steps will result in ineffective skin care.