Summer essential eyeshadow

Summer has come quietly, if you want to add a fresh color to this summer, fashionable and beautiful eye shadow is essential. What kind of eyeshadow is the most popular this summer? Today I would like to recommend eye shadows suitable for summer. These eyeshadow palettes are the hottest and hottest eyeshadows on Xiaohongshu. Let it be the most beautiful little fairy this summer!

Summer eyeshadow recommendation

1.NYX 16-color eyeshadow palette

This eyeshadow is a girly eyeshadow palette, very suitable for summer makeup, it is a must-have eyeshadow for a date. For novice girls, this eye shadow is very suitable, because its texture is very delicate, and the color matching is also relatively random. It is an eye shadow that is not easy to make mistakes in how to match it. The combination of matt color and sequins makes your eyes very smart, just like there are elves dancing on it, not swollen and very daily.

2.The stars in her eyes eyeshadow palette

The design of this eyeshadow is very novel and it is known as the must-have “Macaron color” eyeshadow in summer. The various colors inside are very refreshing, very suitable for summer, and the makeup effect is also very good. This eye shadow is relatively niche but very fashionable. It is very suitable for some office girls or student parties. It is a daily eye shadow.

  1. Maridega nine-color eyeshadow palette

This eyeshadow palette is very cost-effective, and it can be controlled by several color combinations, and the matching makeup effects are more. The powder of this eyeshadow is very delicate and has a silky feel, without powder flying. And the durability is very high, and the effect of makeup retention is also very good. Very suitable for summer daily makeup. The price of this eye shadow is a price that most people can accept, and it is a more suitable eye shadow for the student party.

The above are some recommended eyeshadows for summer. If you want to be a beautiful little fairy this summer, you must not miss these eyeshadows. Whether it is daily makeup or a date, it can be easily matched.