Stay away from these bad habits to make your skin better and better

Today, I will talk to you about life habits. We have talked a lot about skin care methods and principles in ordinary times, and the more we talk about them, the deeper we go, but some inadvertent little habits in life have more important effects on our appearance.

You may think it is very common, but it is actually wrong and will make your skin worse and worse. In the end, you don’t know what caused it. So today I list some wrong skin care habits, everyone can also check it out by myself, then let’s start right away.

  1. Many people are accustomed to pouring toner directly on their hands, thinking that tapping with their hands will make the toner more easily absorbed by the skin. Pour the toner on your hands and then pat. The toner will run off during the face pat, which is actually quite a waste.

The correct approach is to take an appropriate amount of toner to soak a cotton pad, and gently apply it to the cleansed face to save money and be more hygienic.

  1. When applying eye cream, in order to save time, it is done carelessly. The eye skin is the most fragile part of the face. If you apply hard or pull it too much, wrinkles will increase.

The correct way to apply eye cream is to gently apply it to the skin around the eyes with the middle finger. The movement should be slow to light, you can lightly flick around the eyes and massage in a certain direction.

  1. Wash your face with clean water in the morning. Anyway, it was washed off the night before. After a whole night of metabolism, the skin is not as clean as you think. Only clean water can not completely remove dirt, and then make-up, it is easy to clog pores, blackheads, acne, etc.

The correct approach is to use cleansing milk to wash your face. While thoroughly cleansing, it will give the skin rich moisture, so that the skin will be calm and comfortable, and the skin will feel fresh and tender.

  1. When performing facial massage, the longer the better. The time of facial massage should be moderate, not too long or too short. It must be determined according to skin quality, skin condition and age.

The correct approach is: Generally speaking, the massage time for normal skin is about 10 minutes. The massage time for dry skin is generally 10-15 minutes. The time for oily skin should be controlled within 10 minutes, and it is best not to massage for allergic skin.

  1. I think it is the same to remove makeup with cleansing milk, and it is not necessary to use special makeup removers. Everyone knows that general cleansers often fail to achieve the purpose of removing makeup thoroughly. At this time, you need special makeup remover to help. After removing makeup, use a cleanser to remove the dirt, oil and residual makeup in the pores to make the skin cleaner.
  2. When removing makeup, wipe off the lipstick directly with a paper towel, and then wash your face. Wipe off the lipstick directly with a paper towel. This will cause excessive irritation to the lips and damage the capillaries of the skin under the lips. Over time, it will change the lip color, and even cause inflammation.

The correct approach is: lip skin also needs special makeup remover. Take an appropriate amount of eye and lip makeup remover on a cotton pad and gently apply it to allow the lipstick to float off the lips, then wipe it off with a cotton pad or paper towel.

  1. Some girls think that they need to do sunscreen only when they go out, and some put on sunscreen just before going out. In fact, this is a completely wrong idea and practice. Most of the stains are caused by photoaging. Even if there is no sunlight, the ultraviolet rays in the atmosphere will still damage the skin and easily produce stains. Therefore, daily sun protection is very important. It can effectively prevent stains. .
  2. Many people just apply creams and lotions before going to bed, and neglect the care of their eyes. In fact, general creams mainly act on the protection of the skin surface, and the eye skin cannot absorb it. For delicate skin around the eyes, special eye care products must be used. The gel-like eye cream is more refreshing, and the cream-like texture is suitable for skin with slightly serious eye problems. Girls can choose the most suitable care products to solve eye problems according to the different effects of eye creams such as hydrating and anti-aging.
  3. Generally speaking, acne is not recommended to squeeze, especially for inflamed red and swollen pustules. Like acne blackheads, the hair follicles are open after squeezing, as if to the bacteria: The door of my house is always open. Squeezing acne is a symptom but not the root cause. Simply squeezing the fat plug cannot cure acne. The most important thing is that you can’t stop squeezing your acne easily because you get addicted. After squeezing this and that, the price after squeezing is leaving acne marks and pits. Therefore, we must control it.
  4. Apply too many skin care products that are not suitable for the skin. Masks, toners, lotions, creams, essences… If skin care products are not suitable for your skin, they are actually a burden on your skin, which can easily lead to clogged pores and skin sensitivity. So choose skin care products that suit you in different seasons and different skin conditions.

Have you remembered the correct habit of skin care? Remember not to overuse skin care products, and use products that suit your skin type in the right way.