Solid mask

The solid mask is a new type of mask form recently. It is different from the traditional mask in that the solid mask itself is dry, does not contain preservatives, and has almost no damage to the skin. Let’s take a look today.

What is a solid mask?

The solid mask is a concentrated dry mask. After being concentrated, the dry ingredients are attached to the mask cloth without preservatives and flavors, so this type of solid mask does not have to worry about skin allergies to these irritating ingredients.

When using, you need to manually add pure water to the mask to soak the mask cloth, so that the essence of the mask can better absorb water and become a true essence.

What is the difference between a solid mask

The solid mask cannot be used directly when the bag is just opened. It is necessary to add pure water to the mask holder, because the mask cloth is still dry when the lid is opened. This step of adding water can make the dry essence on the mask cloth quickly absorb water and become essence Liquid, the solid mask treated in this way is basically free of fragrance and preservatives, which is safer and less irritating than other ordinary masks. However, there are no preservatives in the corresponding masks, so its useful life is shortened, preferably ten months. Used within.

The solid mask has the same effect as the ordinary patch mask. Both can moisturize, moisturize or whiten and clear, and the mask holder has a fixed size. Add an appropriate amount of purified water to the mask holder to make the mask paper and water. Fully fusion, do not add too much water, otherwise the essence on the mask paper may be too thin.