Skin care tips to instantly increase the effect of the mask 10 times

Applying a mask I believe that everyone is a regular skin care routine. If the steps are correct, the efficacy of the mask can be increased by 10 times!

Before using the mask

Step1: Before applying the mask, remove makeup, wash your face, and exfoliate if necessary to facilitate the absorption of the mask and prevent dirt and dust from entering the pores.

Step2: After washing the face, before applying the mask, apply a hot towel to the face for three minutes, and then massage it over the face for three to five minutes to enhance the effect of the face.

Mask in progress

Step3: Use a moisturizing mask. If it is a smear mask, it can be done while taking a bath, which is particularly good for moisturizing and absorption! The smear mask is easy to dry. If you use it in the bath, you can avoid strong skin irritation and prevent moisture from being absorbed by the mask!

Step4: The order of applying the mask should be from the neck, jaw, cheeks, nose, lips, and forehead, from bottom to top; it is not suitable to apply the mask around the eyes, eyebrows, upper and lower lips. Be sure to pay attention to where to apply the mask! It is best to start with the T-shaped area, which is easy to dry, and the U area at the end.

After using the mask

Step5: After the mask is applied for about 15 minutes, you can touch it with your fingers. If you don’t feel sticky, you can start from the edge of the film and slowly remove it from the bottom up. Generally speaking, when the mask dries, it will cause the skin to tighten and wrinkles appear. Therefore, the mask should be removed immediately when it dries. Do not stay on the skin for a long time or overnight.

Step6: After removing the mask, use clean warm water to wash away the residue on the face, and then apply a cold towel on the face for a while to promote shrinkage of the pores, and finally apply moisturizing cosmetics. Be sure to pay attention to the convergence steps. Some cleansing or exfoliating masks may cause skin damage if handled carelessly in the later stage!

Do pore cleansing once or twice a week

Don’t think that pore cleansing is something invisible and intangible, but you still have to do it! A deep cleansing mask once or twice a week is essential. If you have the conditions, using a facial cleanser can better clean up your pores. For faster and better results, do deep care every month.

Don’t let the cleansing products stop for time

The cleansing bubbles are plump and full, and the process of rubbing on the face is very enjoyable, but you should not be greedy for the fun of cleansing. It is the business to wash away the foam as soon as possible after washing your face. Facial cleansers stay on the skin for a long time, which will cause secondary pollution and irritation.

Start hydrating immediately after washing your face

The “3-second maintenance method” is popular in South Korea, that is, after washing your face, you must start moisturizing homework within 3 seconds, so that the skin cannot feel dry for one second. At this time, the pores are open and the skin surface is rich in water content. Apply skin care products quickly to get a better absorption effect.

Palms cover cheeks to promote absorption

What should I do if my face is still greasy after applying the cream? Use your palm to promote absorption! After the maintenance, wrap the cheeks, forehead, chin and other areas with warm palms to allow the skin care products to be fully absorbed.

Increase skin care after menstrual period

The ten days from after the menstrual period to before ovulation is the best time for maintenance. In these two weeks, please take care of it and do not feel soft. The whitening essence and freckle essence can be increased in dosage, which is well absorbed by the skin and the effect is great.

Stop slap skin care technique

Many girls will pat and pat constantly during skin care. Although pat can promote circulation, pat will also stimulate the melanin in the skin and “stimulate” its activity, so stop patting your skin and replace it with light Press lightly, or “piano finger”.

After washing your face, wipe it with pure water

Everyone knows that although the tap water is filtered, it is not so clean, and some heavy metals still remain on the face after washing. At this time, you can soak a cotton pad with bottled mineral water and wipe it gently on your face. Your face will become unusually refreshed. If you stick to it, your skin quality will indeed improve. I have personally experienced it!

Try to sleep at eleven o’clock

Ensure enough sleep. Try not to stay up late, it is best to go to bed and get up early. Adjust your work and rest to a reasonable time period, and the impact of a normal and regular work and rest on the skin cannot be underestimated.