Skin care tips for sensitive skin in summer

The damage to sensitive muscles in this hot summer is no less than the damage to sensitive muscles in winter. In the hot season, even if we stand and lie still, we will still have sweaty back and the accelerated blood circulation will cause the skin to become red and hot. The whole face was red and swollen. So we just want to lie motionless in an air-conditioned room at 26°C.

But but we can’t stay in the air-conditioned room all the time, we still have to go out to see this beautiful world and that…dazzling sunshine!

So we still need to repair our sensitive and fragile face! How can we repair sensitive muscles?

Thicken the stratum corneum

One of the biggest features of sensitive muscles is the thin skin barrier stratum corneum. Among plants, natural plants such as immortelle, arnica, and grape leaves can effectively repair damaged capillary walls, promote skin collagen regeneration, and enhance the vitality of basal cells. , Activate necrotic capillaries, repair damaged capillary walls, and increase capillary toughness. At the same time, it repairs the damaged stratum corneum, increases the thickness of the stratum corneum, and then achieves the effect of completely repairing red blood streaks and hormonal faces.

Use skin care products with non-irritating ingredients

Sensitive skin is different from other skins. You must be cautious when choosing skin care products. Look at the ingredient list on the back of this skin care bottle. Avoid the irritating ingredients, such as ethanol, fragrance, SD alcohol, Bergamot, cinnamon, etc.

Deep repair

Red blood streaks are also the biggest feature of sensitive muscles. The basic daily care of sensitive muscles only plays a role in relief, but does not really play a role in repairing. You can choose a repair product to accelerate the division and growth of basal cells. The active ingredients of natural plants are combined with the body’s own metabolic capacity to truly realize the self-repair of the stratum corneum, enhance the thickness of the epidermis, improve skin immunity and resistance, and enhance The skin’s tolerance to external stimuli rebuilds the protective function of the skin barrier and fundamentally inhibits red blood streaks.

Good sun protection

Ultraviolet rays can aggravate the itching, redness and swelling of sensitive muscles, so you must do a good job of sun protection when going out. Triple protection for sun protection umbrellas and sun cream visors. Sun protection is foolproof.