Skin care misunderstandings

The more you pay attention to skin care, the skin becomes worse and more sensitive? Obviously, after spending so much money on skin care products and beauty equipment, my skin has become more and more sensitive? What is going on here?

In addition to genetic factors, many people’s sensitive skin is “made”, excessive cleansing, using irregular skin care products, overlapping many irritating skin care products, etc.

Some skin care misunderstandings that we don’t pay special attention to will also make our skin sensitive.

  1. Makeup remover + cleansing product

Some friends always feel that the makeup remover is not clean, and then use facial cleanser again after removing makeup. Frequent use of keratin products and cleansing masks. Frequent use of these products may cause the skin barrier to become fragile and make the skin sensitive The probability has increased. In fact, our face is not as dirty as you think, just use amino acid facial cleanser.

  1. Use too many types of functional skin care products

Some friends think that the more skin care products you use, the better. They want skin care products to have a comprehensive range of effects, such as whitening, anti-wrinkle, acne, and freckle removal products, which are all applied to the face. They don’t know that the ingredients in these skin care products are very effective. It may be mutually exclusive, and more importantly, it will increase the burden on the skin, and even destroy the skin’s barrier and become sensitive skin.

In addition to daily skin care, it is sufficient to choose a functional skin care product according to your skin problems.

  1. Apply the mask every day

There are various types of facial masks on the market, but its ultimate purpose is to replenish moisture. Applying a facial mask every day will cause excessive hydration of the skin, which will cause the skin’s barrier to become fragile, weaken its ability, and greatly enhance the change. The possibility of becoming sensitive muscles.

The mask can be applied according to the characteristics of your skin, but it is best not to apply it every day, 1-2 times a week is enough.