Skin care experience summarized by skin care experts

  1. The amount cannot be saved

Whether it is cleansing oil, cream, milk, lotion, or cream, the amount is not enough to save. This is the only one in all skin care processes that “a large amount is preferred” (of course, it can’t be too much, and a little spoiled is allowed, but it cannot be spoiled to the extent that people and gods are angry).

Because if the amount of makeup remover is small, it will be difficult to cleanse thoroughly, resulting in dust residue, and secondly, it will increase friction (especially for dry hands and face), which will create an endless burden on the skin.

  1. Cleansing products

Foam cleansing products, whether it is cream, lotion, lotion, soap, etc., must be fully foamed on the palm of the hand or on the foaming net before applying it to the face.

Don’t think that unfoamed products have strong cleaning power. In fact, it not only can’t remove the dirt in the pores, but also has a great impact. Whether it is a foam cleansing or a foam cleansing, first apply the foam or cleanser to the forehead, bridge of the nose, chin and the junction of the face and neck, and finally bring it over the cheeks. Cheeks are usually over-washed, resulting in a thin cuticle.

  1. Prepare a cup of hot water, which should be remembered in winter. Prepare a cup of hot water in advance. After washing your face or wiping off toner (if you have a scrubbing toner process), hold the cup with both hands and steam it slightly against the face (not too long). Over time, the skin care products The effectiveness will be infinitely improved.

There are two factors. One is that after the hands are warmed, the absorption of the product and the relaxation and soothing of the skin will be greatly accelerated when using skin care products and massaging the skin; the second is that the heat is slightly steamed through the skin, which is beneficial to the soft and moist skin. And open the pores, also help to absorb skin care products. Be careful not to get too close and talk about everything.

  1. Sub-point alteration

Eye cream is the product that most needs to be modified by point. It is more demanding for point-by-point correction than essence, and regardless of texture. The eye area is small and the skin is very thin. If you always massage in circles from the inner side near the bridge of the nose to the outer temples, it will increase the burden on your initial part and form the local eye area for a long time. Premature aging of the skin and even pigment accumulation.

This is also a lot of people’s doubts. They use an excellent eye cream and have a strong awareness of anti-aging, but wrinkles appear early under the eyes, while the upper and corners of the eyes are not serious factors. The correct method of dividing points is to try to approach the nasal bridge from the inside to the temples, divide 4-5 points, massage sequentially from the inside to the outside, do not change back and forth, the remaining amount is pressed on the upper eyelid.

  1. Mask

Facial masks and exfoliating products are definitely not the more the better, and the gentle exfoliating products cannot be used more than once a week. The masks are divided into different situations. Cleansing masks have a slightly longer application cycle, moisturizing masks are slightly shorter, and whitening and anti-aging masks are in the middle. However, it is best not to exceed 3 times a week.

The mask can be washed as long as it is not disposable. Inform you that it is disposable. It is best to rinse with clean water at least briefly before going to bed, or use a tissue/cotton to scrub the remaining things. Otherwise, your face will become an excellent bait for attracting dust at night. Of course, if you feel that there is no stickiness or burden, you do not need to clean it.

How to choose toner, firming water, essence water and skin care water?

  1. Firming lotion: the best for oily skin

Regarding oily skin that has a strong excretion of oil and often suffers from acne, the use of alcohol-rich firming lotion can shorten pores and sterilize. The usual firming lotion also has the function of softening and exfoliating the skin. If you use the firming lotion every day, you don’t need to exfoliate it alone.

  1. Toner: a must for healthy skin

Toner is the best universal skin care lotion. In addition to being able to cleanse the skin again, it can also adjust the pH of the skin’s appearance, which plays a major role in skin care. Dispatching the stratum corneum, so that subsequent maintenance products can be very well absorbed. 3 minutes after washing your face, use toner to quickly replenish moisture while the moisture has not completely evaporated. In addition, use a cotton pad dampened with toner to make a water mask, which is a quick self-denial mask. Apply it for 3-5 minutes every day to make the skin moisturized without worrying about excessive nutrition.

  1. Essence water: supplement to improve skin quality

Essence water is a kind of skin care product between toner and essence. Different from the cleansing and moisturizing functions of normal lotions, essence water focuses more on moisturizing and repairing functions. Therefore, it is more suitable for dry skin. The essence ingredients added to the essence water are more easily absorbed by the skin by using ionized balanced water similar to the cell structure as the medium.

  1. Toner: the gospel of dry skin

Depending on the beauty ingredients of water, there will be different skin effects. The softening lotion has the function of softening keratin, and it can also make up enough moisture for dry skin and reduce the dehydration of the skin. The softening lotion is a milder lotion with a PH value close to 7. For dry skin, the texture is also right or wrong.

  1. Toner: good water for skin maintenance

The lotion can shorten the pores, prevent the remaining cosmetics from entering the pores, and can form a water-retaining film on the surface of the skin to maintain the skin of MMs.

Do you know how to keep skin care cosmetics fresh?

General guidelines for cosmetics preservation: 5 preventions

  1. Anti-pollution: Use clean hands to use products, or use special tools to access products, to prevent mixed use with others.
  2. Sun protection: prevent the product from direct sunlight, otherwise it will simply oxidize the oil and spices and damage the pigment. Make-up products should be kept away from light.
  3. Anti-high temperature: prevent the beauty products from being placed in high temperature areas. The high temperature above 35°C will damage the emulsified body of the cosmetics, form segregation of fat and water, and shrink the powder and ointment cosmetics, which will cause the cosmetics to become invalid.
  4. Antifreeze: If the temperature is too low, the moisture in the cosmetics will freeze, the emulsified body will be damaged, and the texture will become coarser and loose after melting, losing the original effect of the cosmetics and affecting the skin.
  5. Moisture-proof: An overly humid environment accelerates the reproduction and transformation of bacteria in cosmetics rich in protein and lipids.

The wrong storage method, quickly change it!

  1. All goods are stored in the refrigerator

Too low temperature is not only completely useless for skin care products. The temperature difference between the inside and the outside of the refrigerator will speed up the advancement of skin care products. Take the cosmetics out of the refrigerator!

  1. The bathroom is full of skin care and cosmetics

The high temperature and humidity in the bathroom will make the product easier to transform.

  1. Goods pile up randomly

Overstocking of goods and putting them down will make the liquid flow, making it easier to change the texture.

  1. Purchasing large bottle packaging

It is not easy to open the seal and use it. Every time you use the contents of the bottle, it will be exposed to air and accelerate the transformation.

  1. Products not used up this year will be used next year

The freshness of the products after opening more than 12 months needs to be considered.

Expired cosmetics have magical effects

Lotion: You can use cotton pads to wipe mobile phones, laptops, computer keyboards, screens, etc., as long as you can think of, the cleaning effect of electronic goods is particularly good, and it does not damage the machine.

Lotion, cream: As long as it hasn’t changed, it can be applied to hands and feet, and it can also be used to scrub leather bags, leather clothes, shoes and other leather goods. It has a good cleaning effect and a maintenance effect.

Eyeshadow: When it can be crushed, put it in the colorless nail polish and mix well to make a beautiful nail polish.

Colorless lip balm: Same as lotion, can be used to wipe leather goods.

Toothpaste: used to scrub stainless steel appliances will become particularly bright.

Soap: If it expires before it is opened, you can open the package and put it in the closet, which is an excellent freshener.

Facial cleanser: The oily spots on the clothes can be applied and rubbed, and it will be clean soon, and it can also be mixed with hand sanitizer.