Should I buy water lotions separately or in sets

However, many queens know that they want to buy seasonal water milk, but they will also be entangled in the choice, whether to buy a set of others, or buy a different water milk for use?

If you are a veteran driver who has a comprehensive understanding of the ingredients and effects of skin care products, it is of course no problem to buy them randomly. If you are new to skin care, then it is safer to choose a matching lotion. Next, arrange a wave of great and easy-to-use water milk plants for the queens, and you can buy them if you like them!

Suitable for skin type: oily skin, mixed oil (pregnant women with sensitive skin should use it with caution)

The unit price of the skin care products of the Boots Cucumber series is basically around 30 yuan, so it is very popular in the student party. The cucumber scent of the whole set of water emulsion is very refreshing, the water is very fluid, and the upper face is not greasy at all. The oily skin should be very loving, but there will be a certain tightness after absorption.

The texture of the cucumber lotion is much thicker in my imagination, and it feels more towards the texture of the cream, but it is easy to push away. If it is really greasy, you can apply it with a cotton pad and it will absorb faster. However, the messy flavor and preservatives of the cucumber are too much, which is only suitable for healthy skins with insufficient budget and not too much skin care needs. Basic moisturizing + oil control is all of this set of lotions.

Suitable for skin type: any young skin type

Recipist is a new series launched by Shiseido for young skin. The small and fresh packaging is very flattering. Because it is aimed at students, the price is very moving. However, it is not on sale in China. If you want to buy it, you can only choose to purchase. This water lotion is divided into hydration and balance. The former is suitable for dry skin and the latter is suitable for oily skin. Because the division is detailed enough, you can choose according to your skin type.

The texture of the gel is very clear and easy to absorb, and there is no burden on the face. It can be used directly after the lotion, which is completely sufficient for daily moisturizing. Because this series is aimed at young skin, it mainly focuses on hydrating and moisturizing, and it will feel useless for light skin.

Suitable for skin type: sensitive skin, dry skin, neutral skin

Although Yuze’s popularity is not as high as Winona, it is true that it is a cosmetic brand under the domestic Jahwa, which can effectively alleviate various redness and stinging skin problems during the season. Therefore, Yuzawa and Winona can be the first choice if the barrier is damaged. The texture of the water is very viscous and the absorption rate is slow. You need to wait for it to absorb slowly, but it will not feel tight if you don’t immediately follow the lotion after applying it. It is very moisturizing and moisturizing in one step.

The lotion is divided into conditioning milk and essence milk. The texture is also sticky. After a little bit, it feels thick and slow to absorb. However, the skin will become very smooth the next day, which is quite surprising. Yuze’s water emulsion is more critical in the basic moisturizing function to repair the skin barrier, so the feeling of use is tolerable even though it is sticky.

Suitable for skin type: oily skin, mixed skin

De Fei’s perilla water has always been said to be a cheap alternative to Deske, but I really want to complain. In fact, 300 yuan is not a cheap price, but it is very targeted for acne, and its characteristics are different No additions. The texture of the water is between toner and essence water. It has a slightly sticky touch, but it is refreshing and easy to absorb. The main calming repair is also based on more than a dozen herbal extracts, which makes people feel at ease.

The lotion is light purple, smooth and easy to push, and it is not greasy on the face. When used with water, it can balance water and oil well and improve oil and acne problems. If you think Cosme Perilla Water is slightly more expensive, De Fei is still worth it.

Suitable for skin type: dry skin, sensitive skin

May I ask which sensitive muscle partner has not used HABA’s leading products-G-Lotion or HABA Oil? This kind of additive-free concept and minimalist packaging is too fanciful. However, after actual use, I feel that the colorless and odorless G-Lotion is more like distilled water. The added sea salt in the ingredients actually weakens its moisturizing effect. Therefore, the official said that the upper face needs to be patted 5 times to ensure the skin is elastic.

HABA’s beauty oil has only one ingredient-squalane, which has a strong adjustment power to maintain the skin’s water and oil balance. The refreshing G lotion with it is a perfect match. Their family also recently released a second-generation plant-extracted essential oil with the same ingredients, but it is more refreshing. If you want to try the mixed oil skin, you can start with the second-generation. I really recommend starting with this oil alone. When the concealer feels dry, I will add a little to increase the moisture. It is not an exaggeration to say that it is a dry skin mother.

Suitable for skin type: dry desert skin, sensitive skin

This dprogram product line of Shiseido is my favorite, and every series has an amazing appearance! And for me, who is sometimes sensitive, it’s a life-saving existence. The 4 colors represent 4 different series, which are for sensitive skin of different skin types. I have to say that Japanese skin care products are still very considerate on this point.

Desert dry skin definitely needs to pick this pink series. Regardless of water or milk, the texture is moisturizing and silent. The upper face can feel that it is really replenishing moisture into the dry cuticle. Another thing I appreciate is that the water emulsion is designed with a pressure pump, which is relatively hygienic, and there is no need to worry about pollution, and you can buy a replacement when you use it up, rounding up = 100 million left, if you are a mixed leather Don’t try it lightly, it will feel too sticky to be absorbed. It is recommended to choose a more refreshing blue one.

Suitable for skin type: dry skin, mixed dry skin

Last year, Fuli Fangsi’s facial cleanser can be said to have been in the limelight, and Lili did feel good. It was clean and comfortable after washing, so when I repurchased, I brought their moisturizing lotion. The lotion has a translucent texture, mild and delicate, it turns into water directly after applying it on the face, and it is absorbed in one click without feeling sticky at all.

The texture of the lotion of the same series is not too sticky, the upper face is very refreshing and light, and it can firmly lock the moisture. Granules are quite recommended for use in spring, and there is no burden on the skin.