Reduce belly easily

Mint weight loss principle

Peppermint weight loss method has always been loved by people who lose weight because peppermint has a peculiar heat dissipation and detoxification function, which can improve the growth environment of intestinal flora after consumption, and it has the effect of reducing swelling and dehumidification. Mint can not only help you burn off fat, but also get rid of anger. Mint is an angiosperm, also known as “silver salvia”. It has a unique aroma and odor, so it was originally used as a side dish or seasoning. In fact, peppermint was listed in the list of Chinese herbal medicines a long time ago. It is a good medicine for detoxification and sweating.

The three mint weight loss recipes introduced below in the morning, midnight and evening not only contain all the nutrients needed by the human body, but also incorporate fresh vegetables, fruits, and staple food.

01 mint weight loss breakfast

Prepare 5g of fresh mint leaves and wash them with water. Boil 1L of water, add mint leaves, and simmer for 3 minutes on low heat. Mint tea will have a better effect if it is cooled. If you feel the taste is slightly bitter, you can add a small spoon of honey to taste. The meal is an apple plus three nuts. Nuts can be walnuts, peanuts, cashews. Try to choose low-calorie pistachios, which are easy to get angry, and try not to choose them.

02 mint weight loss lunch

Take 5g of fresh mint leaves, wash and chop them for later use. Take 50g of non-glutinous rice, add a little glutinous rice and millet to simmer. When the porridge is cooked to 6 minutes, add mint leaves, stir evenly and continue to simmer until fully cooked. For the cold vegetables, you can choose lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes and other appetizing and invigorating spleen. Pair it with a hard-boiled egg to complete the nutritious mint Chinese meal.

03 mint weight loss dinner

Take 20g of fresh mint leaves and mix it with lettuce leaves, corn kernels, and cherry tomatoes to make a mint vegetable salad. If you are worried that the salad dressing is high in calories, you can use yogurt instead. Because it is mainly vegetables, you can add a little pepper and salt to increase it. Flavor. Take an apple and a kiwi fruit, peel it, cut it into pieces and put it in a juicer, add 5g of mint leaves to squeeze the juice together, do not add sugar, just drink it directly.