Nail Piece Adhesive

Manicures are very popular among many Shinobi. Nail clip adhesive is an indispensable tool for manicure. So, how should the nail adhesive be used? Many people may be very curious, let’s take a look today.

How to use nail adhesive

After the basic sanding and cleaning of the nails, apply a thin layer of nail adhesive on the nail surface, no need to light, and wait for a period of time to dry naturally. After the adhesive is applied, follow-up nail work such as primer and nail polish can be carried out.

Is it okay to keep the nails for a month?

The nail can not be removed for a month, mainly depends on the completeness of the nail. If the part of the nail is not lifted, you can not remove it first. If there is abrasion or a gap between the nail and the nail, the most It’s better to go to a professional nail shop to remove the nails.

Do you want to polish the full nail piece?

It is best to polish the full nail piece in advance. After polishing, the nail piece can make the nail piece less likely to fall off and make the nail piece firmer. Moreover, the surface of some nails is not smooth, and if it is not polished well, it will not fit tightly with the nail.

Apply primer or nail first

When nailing nails, you need to apply primer first and then attach the nail piece. The primer can protect the nails, increase the durability of the nails, and also have the combined effect, so that the nails and the nails can fit better. Be sure to apply primer before attaching the nails. The primer will make the nails stronger and not easy to fall off. The nails made will be more durable and the nail effects will be better.