Knowing your skin type is the key to skin care

As I said to you before, many people say it is good for the XX brand, but I have not used it well. Is it really bad then? No, just because it doesn’t suit me. Therefore, to do skin care homework, first understand your skin type, and you cannot blindly pursue online celebrity models. Today I will teach you how to judge your skin type.

Oily skin

Characteristics: Basically, oily skin will not feel tight even if you don’t use skin care products immediately after washing your face. And one to two hours after washing your face, your face will be oily.

If you put on make-up, the makeup will be taken off quickly, it will take off in about an hour, and you need to use powder or loose powder to set the makeup later.

Care Tips

  1. Wash your face alternately with hot and cold water

Open the pores with hot water first to effectively clean the dirt in the pores. Washing your face with cold water can speed up the pores and reduce sebum secretion. But remember not to wash your face too frequently, just once in the morning and evening.

  1. Pay attention to hydrating and moisturizing

Under normal circumstances, oily skin has a lot to do with lack of water. You can’t just focus on removing oil, but not hydrating and moisturizing. Therefore, when choosing skin care products, you can try them as long as they are not oily.

Dry skin

Characteristics: Skin often peels during the spring and autumn seasons. If you don’t use skin care products in time after washing your face, you will feel unusually tight on your face. If the base makeup is suitable, the moisturizing is not in place, and the phenomenon of powder jam will occur.

Care Tips

  1. Choose a mild facial cleanser

For sister paper with dry skin, you must choose a mild facial cleanser, like those containing amino acids. It is best not to use facial cleanser or facial soap containing soap-based ingredients.

  1. Choose hydrating skin care products

When choosing skin care products for dry skin, you must first consider hydrating and then whitening. Whitening is possible only when hydrating is in place.

Mixed skin

Characteristics: Mixed skin is the most common type of skin. The most common manifestations are: oily T-zone, dry cheeks, large pores, and closed mouth acne.

Care Tips

  1. Choose skin care products with different effects

Many people with mixed skin do not pay attention to separate care. They either choose to hydrate or control oil. It is recommended to choose skin care products with two effects, or skin care products specifically suitable for mixed skin, instead of blindly pursuing hydration or oil control.

  1. Make a clean mask properly

The advice for mixed muscles is to do a cleansing mask for the T zone once or twice a week, and do an exfoliation once or twice a month. Remember to moisturize the skin after finishing it~

Sensitive skin

Characteristics: No matter you wash your face with cold water or hot water, you will feel irritating. The stratum corneum is thin. The screening conditions for skin care products are very high. If you are not careful, you will have blushing and other allergies.

Care Tips

  1. Don’t use skin care products containing alcohol

For sensitive skin, you must choose mild skin care products, such as Sekkisei, which contains relatively high alcohol content, is not suitable.

  1. Do not exfoliate frequently

For sensitive muscles, the cuticle of the cheeks is relatively thin, so the exfoliation work should not exceed twice a month, otherwise the face will appear red blood and other bad conditions.