Improve oily skin

Oily skin is one of the most annoying skins, and it can make people look shiny all the time. So how can oily skin be improved? Try these methods.

Many people’s skin is naturally oily. These people often find that their faces are shiny and oily. There are still many people with this skin type. So how to improve oily skin?

How to improve oily skin?

Wash your face with hot and cold water

Wash your face with hot water to open the pores, and you can clean all the stains in the pores. The temperature of the water should be controlled at around 40 degrees. Excessive temperature may cause your capillaries to dilate and cause more oil secretion, so around 40 degrees should be controlled. Use facial cleanser, soap and other cleaning products when washing your face with hot water, but don’t use it when washing your face with cold water. Cold water is to shrink your pores and reduce sebum secretion. Wash your face in this way, at least twice a day, morning and evening

Wash your face with running water

Living water is the water in the faucet, and stagnant water is the water in the basin. Washing your face with a basin is prone to acne, because the principle of cleansing the skin is to use chemical reactions to produce small particles that can clog pores Acne, especially oily skin, has enlarged pores, and it is more likely to clog the pores. In order to reduce this situation, people with oily skin should use a faucet or shower head to wash their face.

Master the correct way to wipe your face

In fact, the best way to wipe your face is not to wipe your face and let it dry naturally, but the wet face is a little uncomfortable, and some people can’t stand it. Then use a slightly healthy method to wipe the face-press the face with a towel and wipe it off. Moisture. Of course, the pressure should be small. Most people are accustomed to rubbing on the face with a towel, which can easily irritate the skin and clog pores.

Choosing the right cleanser

Oily skin is mainly due to lack of water, and soap and cleansing cream are more likely to cause loss of skin moisture, so you must be sure to use facial cleanser to wash your face. So how to choose facial cleanser? The general advice of experts is to choose cleansers with less foam, most of which are milder and suitable for oily skin. In addition, the cleanser is best to be used in combination, you can prepare two kinds of cleanser at the same time.

Use toner

Choose a toner that has a moisturizing effect. This reason has already been mentioned. Oily skin is due to lack of water in the skin. In summer, oily skin is often sticky. Toner can make you feel more comfortable. Toner with good moisturizing effect can reduce oil secretion. It can be said to kill two birds with one stone.

Pay attention to your diet

You can try it, eat a spicy and greasy meal, and then feel whether your skin secretes more oil throughout the day. In fact, what you eat has a great effect on your skin. In order for people with oily skin to improve your skin, you should be careful not to overeating and eat less irritating foods (such as spicy, seafood, etc.); if you can’t control your mouth, you can have a big meal Wash your face frequently afterwards to remove excess oil.