How to sterilize homemade lipstick

For many ordinary girls, they are reluctant to spend a lot of money to buy some well-known lipsticks, but buying some cheap lipsticks is uneasy to use by themselves, so more and more girls prefer to make lipsticks by themselves. So, how to sterilize homemade lipstick?

How to sterilize homemade lipstick

First use 75% medical alcohol to sterilize all the tools used in the production, and then follow the production steps of the lipstick, adding white beeswax during the production process, which not only has the antiseptic effect, but also makes the lipstick hard and not easy to break , And will not cause color difference in lipstick.

How to avoid bacteria in homemade lipstick

  1. Prepare alcohol, gloves and other tools. Before making your own lipstick, you need to apply alcohol to the mold of the self-made lipstick for disinfection and sterilization. After the mold is dried in a cool and ventilated place, you can start making lipstick to ensure the consistency of the lipstick paste Pure and safe.
  2. Usually in the process of making, you may use your hands, you need to wear gloves and other tools, you can also clean and sterilize your hands in advance to avoid bacteria on your hands from infecting the lipstick, just wait patiently for the completion of the lipstick.
  3. Use an electronic scale to weigh out all the materials needed to make the lipstick, and then add them separately according to the lipstick production steps. Adding white beeswax during the production process can not only have the anti-corrosion effect, but also The lipstick becomes hard and does not break easily, and at the same time, it will not cause the color difference of the lipstick.

Why should self-made lipstick pay attention to sterilization

Because the various chemical additives in the lipsticks made by yourself are relatively small, if you do not pay attention to anti-corrosion and sterilization, you may cause the lipsticks you have worked so hard to make in a few days to break, so you are making It is especially important to learn to preserve and sterilize lipstick.

How to save homemade lipstick

Homemade lipstick is non-polluting, but the storage time is relatively short. It is recommended to put it in the refrigerator to keep it for a longer time. It can also prevent bacteria and viruses from infecting the lipstick paste and causing it to deteriorate.

How long is the shelf life of homemade lipstick

Homemade lipsticks have a shelf life of about 5-8 months. The shelf life of lipsticks is generally about three years, but this one is homemade after all, does not contain antiseptic ingredients, has bacteria, and is prone to deterioration, so the shelf life will naturally not be as long as the one bought.