How to solve and prevent spots

We have talked about the usual whitening problem many times, but the spot problem as important as whitening should be paid special attention to. With age and careless protection, spots have quietly come to the door. Moreover, it is much more difficult than eliminating acne. It not only affects the beauty, but also looks old. Even the most beautiful makeup on the face is robbed of the limelight by spots.

Today, let’s talk about the topic of “fading spots”, and take everyone to add a score to the value of the face. Before sharing the knowledge of lightening spots, let’s first understand the reasons for the formation of spots.

The formation of spots is a very complicated process, which is related to many factors such as age, endocrine, mood, drugs, sunlight and so on. In addition, ultraviolet radiation will cause a large amount of melanin in the basal layer to split, and the melanin will continue to advance upward and accumulate in the stratum corneum, which will also form spots. Although the formation of common stains are all related to the production of melanin, they are still divided into the following two situations:

One is the increase in melanin bodies in the epidermis, which makes the skin dark. The other is because the epidermal base is destroyed, melanocytes fall into the dermis to form chromaffin cells, which makes the skin dark. In the first case, the slight stains can be reduced by insisting on using skin care products. In the second case, you need to find a professional doctor to treat the symptoms to be effective and safe.

The girl who has been paying attention to whitening has discovered that whether it is “melanocytes” or “melanocytes” and “melanin”, it sounds familiar. That’s right! In fact, the principle of lightening spots and whitening is basically the same. So, you can apply targeted skin care products to some specific color spots after daily full-face whitening and skin care to achieve point-to-point precise effects. If you stick to it for a long time, you can have white and tender skin. Regarding the types of stains, they are mainly divided into the following categories.


Features: Freckles are generally small in size, showing brown spots.

Causes: In addition to genetic reasons (if your parents have it, you probably have them too), the appearance of freckles is also related to sun exposure and skin aging, and it is easy to appear on the nose and cheeks. Therefore, we must take good sun protection.


Melasma generally presents dark brown or grayish-brown patches with irregular edges, often appearing on the side of the forehead, cheeks, nose and upper lip.

Causes of formation: The most troublesome part of chloasma is that its causes are very complicated, and there is no clear and specific pathogenesis, anyone may have it. At present, the commonly recognized reasons are related to factors such as skin barrier, photoaging, hormone levels, etc. Pregnancy, sun exposure, drugs, cosmetics, etc. may cause aggravation. Melasma is not only difficult to remove, it is also a very easy to rebound spot.


The sunscreen that I put on my lips every day is actually not only to prevent sunburn, but also to prevent ultraviolet rays. The melanin pigment in the bottom layer of the skin increases, and it gradually accumulates on the surface of the skin. The color of yellowish brown or brown is called sunburn, which is why sun protection is needed all year round.

Age spots

Generally speaking, after the human body reaches the age of fifty, age spots will gradually appear on the body, the color of the spots will appear brown, black, etc., and the size varies from person to person.

How to lighten stains?

Before sharing Blemish dry goods, Teacher Jiawen must seriously strike a key point:

  1. The blemishes of skin care products mainly target the melanin in the epidermis.
  2. Skin care products are very slow in blemishment, which requires long-term persistence.
  3. Don’t put your hopes on skin care if you have severe freckle removal on your face
  4. Be sure to sunscreen.

Here is a girl who asks: How do you know if your spots are on the epidermis or the dermis? Completely do a good job of sunscreen, use products that are suitable for you and have active ingredients twice in the morning and evening, and persist for at least three months, but there is no effect, that is in the dermis. For the cubs with only slight stains, the knowledge of lightening the spots shared next must be remembered.

Avoid activating melanocytes

Good sunscreen is the first step to avoid activating melanocytes. If sunscreen is lazy, no amount of whitening products can be used to resist the production of melanin. Sunscreen is divided into hard sunscreen and soft sunscreen. Hard sunscreen is equipped with parasols, sun hats and other equipment, while soft sunscreen needs to choose sunscreen that suits you according to your skin type and preferences. In addition to sun protection, you can also choose products with antioxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients to reduce the irritation of melanocytes.

Reduce melanin transmission

No matter how it is avoided, melanocytes will continue to work diligently. After all, the external environment’s irritation to our skin cannot be avoided. For the melanin that has been produced, we can only try to prevent them from being transported to the surface of the skin. The representative ingredient is the famous niacinamide.

Restore or peel off melanin

The reduction of melanin mainly relies on VC and its derivatives, and the peeling off of melanin needs to rely on acid products, but it is well known that you need to be cautious when brushing acid. If the skin barrier is accidentally broken, it would be bad. Girls with non-sensitive skin and a strong need for light spots can try low-concentration acid products first. Regarding sun protection, the process of whitening and diminishing spots is actually the process of inhibiting and reducing melanin, but because the epidermal cells lack the protection of melanin, it is even more unable to block the damage of ultraviolet rays, so everyone must pay attention to sun protection!