How to remove red and black acne marks

For girls, dealing with acne can be said to be a career to struggle for a lifetime: if the makeup is not clean, acne will develop, the aunt will get acne, and endocrine disorders will get acne. In short, our faces will develop acne for various reasons. Being a girl is really exhausting!

Many people like to squeeze it with their hands, but they leave acne marks on their faces. You say concealer, it is not good for the skin to breathe, and recovery is slow. Don’t wear makeup, the acne marks on your face will make people feel very inferior and helpless. The battle for “prints” is a protracted battle, so we must understand the acne marks, know ourselves and the enemy, and prescribe the right medicine to achieve the final victory.

Causes of acne marks

It is mainly caused by infection, inflammation, and external force. It is often that when our acne occurs, we do not get timely and appropriate treatment, which causes inflammation of skin cells and damages skin tissues, thereby forming acne marks. The more severe the inflammatory reaction during the onset of acne, the more severe the destruction of the skin tissue, the more severe the acne marks may be left in the future.

Types of acne marks

There are three types of acne marks: red acne marks, black acne marks, and concave acne marks (acne pits).

Red acne marks

The red acne mark is produced because the cells in the acne site are inflamed, causing the expansion of capillaries. Although the acne disappears, the blood vessels will not shrink immediately. Together with other cells gathered during the inflammation process, erythema is formed. The red acne mark will gradually fade with the skin metabolism, as fast as 1 to 2 weeks, and as slow as 3 months. Under exercise or hot environment, it will be more obvious with the rise of body temperature. Need to pay attention to sun protection, otherwise it is easy to form melanin deposits and turn into black acne marks.

Black acne marks

Black acne marks are formed by abnormal precipitation of melanin after acne inflammation, which is black or tan. It will gradually fade, but it lasts longer, about 6-12 months, or even longer. The difficulty of diminishing the black acne marks depends on the depth of the melanin deposits. It is better to remove the melanin above the dermis. If the melanin deposits are below the dermis, it is difficult!

Acne pits

The most terrible is the acne pit. When the acne becomes very inflamed and causes the collagen of the dermis to be strongly damaged, it will leave the acne pit due to the collapse of the dermis. Many girls are accustomed to squeezing with their hands when they develop acne. This will greatly increase the chance of purulent infection, turning small acne into large acne, leaving permanent scars. Once this kind of cavity occurs, it will not repair itself. Fortunately, there are more solutions than problems. Since acne marks have already occurred, we must deal with it in a scientific way at the best time, so that it will not cause a big mistake!

The best time to remove acne marks

In order to reduce the acne marks, babies must grasp the golden time when the acne marks are just 2 months old. The earlier the rescue is, the more likely it is to restore the smooth and delicate skin. Regardless of whether the girl has no “print” and is light, or just like me, she has just developed acne, or is already in the stage of acne scars, we must adhere to the correct care concept. Because the skin is more fragile than we think, perhaps because of inadvertent bad habits, the skin is fragile and acne is capricious.

Prevention is better than cure

Acne marks are the product of acne. Once formed, it may leave permanent marks on the face. If usual prevention is not done, the old acne marks have just been removed, and the new acne marks are on their way. All treatment methods are not as effective as “anti-acne” from the source.

Sunscreen all year round

The skin at this stage is extremely sensitive. Strong ultraviolet rays and light pollution will produce melanin precipitation, which will increase the color of acne scars and stay longer. It can even cause allergies, redness and swelling, and cause a lot of trouble for the later stage of acne marks. Therefore, whether it is soft sunscreen (sunscreen cream) or hard sunscreen (sunscreen umbrella, hat, mask), you can use it to protect your delicate face.

Control your hand

Don’t squeeze when acne is coming! Acne marks are almost always caused by squeezing acne. Dirty hands will directly lead to inflammation and the development of more toxic bacteria in the deep part. Disfigured acne marks may accompany you throughout your life.

keep clean

Facial cleansing should be done well. The acne is mostly caused by the skin’s water and oil balance. Therefore, it is necessary to regularly remove keratin and oil, and try to wash your face with warm water. Not only that, the cosmetics and skin care products we usually use should be kept clean, and towels and bath towels should be replaced regularly to prevent bacteria from taking advantage of the weakness.

Develop good living habits

  • Develop a good life schedule is the foundation. Regular sleeping habits help the skin restore its original physiological functions.
  • With balanced nutrition, it can accelerate the healing ability of the skin, and make the skin beautiful naturally.
  • Appropriate exercise every day can enhance the body’s immunity.
  • And the sweat that comes out after exercise can also drain the dirt from the skin.

Try not to make up

  • It’s not that you can’t make up at all, but it’s best to lighten makeup.
  • Try to avoid using greasy, powdery cosmetics, and focus on being light and thin.
  • Normally, make-up should be removed, and facial cleanser should also be rinsed.
  • During acne-prone skin, you can use skin care products that have anti-inflammatory, astringent and anti-acne products.
  • Helps reduce inflammation and calm, accelerate the body’s healing.