How to make up to look good? Orange eye makeup adds points to a sweet date!

On a romantic day when you are going to date, of course you have to put on a romantic makeup to meet the occasion! The key to creating a perfect makeup look is eye makeup. Today I will share with you an orange eyeshadow makeup tutorial to add points to your sweet date!

To create a gentle and romantic date makeup, the scheming is eye makeup. Since it’s a date, put away your dull earth tone! Regain the orange collocation to make your eye makeup more sweet and pleasant. Today I will share with you a few orange eye makeup painting methods, simple and easy to learn, let’s get together!

Four big eyes orange eye makeup tutorial

STEP1. (It is recommended to apply makeup by hand. It is natural and easy to faint. If you use the makeup brush proficiently, it is naturally okay!) Use a lighter pearlescent coral color to apply a large area near the eye socket and lower lash line

STEP2. The eye makeup effect superimposed by the double-layer eyeliner will be more natural. The editor is also a new trick that only recently got! Use a black eyeliner to draw the inner eyeliner, and then draw it again with a brown eyeliner. Or you can use eyeshadow of the same color instead of painting.

STEP3. Use an eyeliner brush to pull the tail end of the eyeliner you just drew parallel and backward out of the tail

STEP4. Put on orange eyeshadow near the eyeliner, and then evenly push it away with your fingertips

STEP5. Then take the coral pink eyeshadow and apply it to the center of the eyelid, and then push it back and forth with your fingertips. If the color is not enough, you can apply a few more layers until you reach the color you want.

STEP6. Finally, use the same color of eyeshadow to brighten the L-shaped position of the eye tip, so that the eyes have a magnifying effect.

The same eye shadow painting method can actually be changed with other eye shadows of the same color.

Try the following method to paint orange eyeshadow like the sunset! First use pink to base the eye sockets, then apply a lot of pearly orange eye shadow, and strengthen the back 2/3 of the eye, and finally frame the brown eye shadow!

In addition, the contrast between the upper and lower eye shadows is also a very popular and distinctive painting method. Deliberately don’t connect the upper and lower eye shadows together, choose a playful pink orange for the upper eyelid, and use a golden brown for the lower eyeliner. If you are not used to the above painting method, you can also draw an extra eyeliner on the upper eyelid to make the upper and lower eye shadow look integrated.

how about it? Does it turn into a sticky kitty in minutes? If you want to successfully win a date, just show it on the day of the date and grab his heart with your sweet makeup!