How to make skin better

Speaking of what every girl dreams of, it is to be able to keep her face young, just like those female stars active on the screen, with a flawless face and a girlish state. Even celebrities who often have irregular schedules and wear makeup for a long time have always maintained clear and flawless skin.

Therefore, hydrating has naturally become the top priority of skin care! However, in fact, many people think that the correct method of replenishing water may be very wrong! How many of these mistakes have you made if you are not careful?

Oily skin does not need to be hydrated

Some people think that oily skin is already very greasy. Wouldn’t it be more oily to moisturize it? Our skin is not static. When the weather is dry, oily skin may become greasy in the T zone and dry combination skin on the rest. People with oily skin pay attention to cleansing, but if they do not moisturize the face in time after cleansing, it will stimulate the skin to secrete more oil. Oily skin just secretes more oil in the skin, which does not mean that the skin has a high water content. If the environment is dry and dehydrated, it will also stimulate the skin to secrete oil, so it also needs reasonable moisturizing and hydrating. After cleansing, use oil-control moisturizing products for oily areas such as the T zone and moisturizing products for dry areas.

The moisturizing effect is better if the mask is applied for a long time

How long do you use the mask every time? Do you naively think that the longer the better? The proper time to apply the mask is 15-20 minutes. The absorption of nutrients within the mask will cause the dry mask to absorb the moisture in the skin for a long time, which is not worth the loss. In addition, it should be noted that: under normal circumstances, applying the mask 2 to 3 times a week is sufficient. Too much use will over-hydrate the skin and impair the barrier function of the skin. For oily skin, 1 to 2 times a week is enough, and after applying the mask, remember to wash your face in time to avoid the occurrence of “boring acne”!

Excessive use of moisturizing spray

Many girls will carry a bottle of moisturizing spray with them, take it out and spray anytime, anywhere. It seems that you have done enough homework to hydrate and moisturize, but it may actually make your skin “overwhelmed”! The simple and frequent use of moisturizing sprays may aggravate skin dehydration. Because the sprayed water stays on the skin surface for a short time, it will take away some of the water after it evaporates, which will make the skin drier overall, which is not worth the loss. The correct way is to spray the spray, and then apply moisturizing products to lock the skin’s moisture.

It is enough to use moisturizing products in the morning and evening

For the use of moisturizing products, many girls may use it after washing their face in the morning and evening. In summer, this number is suitable, but in dry winter, this number is not enough. In the dry winter, the skin is easy to lose moisture, and the moisturizer will be lost after a period of time. Therefore, it is sometimes necessary to apply moisturizing products during the day, especially after sweating during exercise and washing your face. For dry and sensitive skin, moisturizing products with a more moist texture are suitable for better moisturizing effect.

I’m too lazy to moisturize, it’s a big deal to dry the skin

Some people think that they are lazy and don’t want to use moisturizing products. It’s just that the skin is dry! Too lazy to not want to use moisturizing products, not just as simple as dry skin! In addition to causing dry and peeling skin, it may also cause skin itching and sensitivity. Dry skin is easy to cause the appearance or aggravation of pigmentation, and it is easy to appear fine lines and accelerate skin aging.

Replenishment depends on drinking more water

Drinking plenty of water and eating more fruits can indeed make your skin healthier and more moisturized, but it is equally important to use moisturizing products. How to choose moisturizing products depends on these ingredients. When faced with a dazzling array of moisturizing products, they often do not know what to do and how to choose. When purchasing products, pay attention to see if they are in the ingredient list.

  1. Glycerin

The glycerin in moisturizing products can absorb moisture and increase the moisture content of the epidermis. However, it should be noted that high-concentration glycerin will also absorb moisture in the skin dermis due to its strong water absorption. On the contrary, it may aggravate dry skin, so the concentration of glycerin should not be appropriate. Too high.

  1. Urea

This is also a moisturizing ingredient that is often added, and it also has a certain anti-allergy effect.

  1. Ceramide

Ceramide can not only moisturize, but also repair the skin barrier and improve skin sensitivity.

  1. Hyaluronic acid

Although hyaluronic acid has a strong ability to absorb water and can make the skin smooth and tender, it is not suitable for use as a moisturizing product alone, because it may make the skin dry.