How to draw light makeup

It is necessary to draw light makeup in daily life. Don’t you know how to apply light makeup? Today, I will teach you how to make light makeup, and teach you how to be a “no makeup” goddess.

Step 1: skin care

Pat your cheeks with plenty of moisturizing lotion. If possible, use a soaked cotton pad to make a water mask. After the basic moisturizing is done, we can put on the base makeup.

Step 2: Makeup

For moisturizing makeup to add moisture, use makeup products with a moisturizing effect, such as liquid foundation or foundation cream with high moisturizing power, and pat on the face evenly with your fingers or sponge.

Step 3: partial makeup

Dip a small amount of loose powder or loose powder with a brush and swipe it on the forehead, nose, chin and other areas that are prone to oil and make-up. For dry skin, you can skip this step to maintain the moisturizing feel of the makeup on the whole face. It is better to use loose powder or setting powder, we can temporarily use setting spray.

Step 4: Eyebrow makeup

Soft eyebrows add warmth. Use eyebrow pencils or eyebrow powder to draw the natural contour of the eyebrows. Excessive or thick eyebrows can easily create a sense of distance. The soft eyebrow shape can add gentleness and improve the favorability!

  1. First, comb the eyebrows neatly with an eyebrow comb to facilitate subsequent makeup.
  2. Use the eyebrow pencil to draw the eyebrows lightly stroke by stroke along the direction of eyebrow growth.
  3. Sweep the roots and sides of the nose to make the bridge of the nose look taller.
  4. Eyeshadow brightens up a large area, both pearly and matte.
  5. At the same time, sweep the same color on the lower eyelid.
  6. Then we are going to start using eye shadow to create the contour of the eyes. Use a tapered eye shadow brush to apply brown to the triangle of the eye. The closer to the eye, the lighter the color.
  7. The same is true at the end of the eye. Draw a small triangle from the outer corner of the eye into the eye. The closer the eye is, the lighter the color will be. Be careful not to make the boundary too obvious.
  8. Sweep the remaining powder on the brush on the lower eyelid.
  9. Finally put on false eyelashes.

Step 5: Lip makeup

  1. After finishing the makeup, use lip balm to moisturize the lips. If time permits, you can first exfoliate the lips to make a lip mask for deep moisturizing.
  2. In order to enhance the effect of biting lip makeup, first dip a lip brush into a lip concealer product to conceal.
  3. Take a clean cotton swab, dip the peach pink lipstick and apply it on the inside of the lips.
  4. Use a lip brush to blend the color of the lips from the inside to the outside.