How to draw a pair of beautiful eyebrows

Novices often cannot grasp the length and shape of eyebrows that suit their face when drawing eyebrows. Asymmetry of eyebrows is a big trouble for eyebrows! The following is an introduction to the super basic “universal eyebrow” drawing method for makeup artists. Even novices can draw neat and symmetrical eyebrows like misty eyebrows in seconds.

Why are star eyebrows so natural?

Every time I look at Han Xing’s drawing of one-word eyebrows, I always feel that they are just one-word eyebrows. Why do people’s eyebrows look so beautiful? Of course, in addition to the difference in the face, the main reason is actually because even when the eyebrows are flatter than flat eyebrows, they still pay attention to the three points of the brow, the end of the eyebrow, and the peak of the eyebrow! The flat eyebrow drawn in this way will have a little curvature, which is closer to a natural arched eyebrow than a normal super flat eyebrow. Different face shapes can be controlled without being rigid.

Three-point positioning of brow, brow peak and brow tail

Novices want to have good-looking eyebrows, the most important first point is the positioning of the eyebrows. First, draw three points equally on the wing of the nose. The first point of the nose connects the center of the eyeball and extends to the eyebrows, which is the position of the brow peak. The second point in the center of the nose extends vertically upward and is the fixed point of the brow. Finally, the third point on the outermost side of the nose connects the tail of the eye and extends upward, which is the position of the eyebrow!

Outline eyebrow frame + hair flow

After positioning the eyebrows, first take out the eyebrow pencil and connect the three points of the eyebrow, the peak of the eyebrow, and the tail of the eyebrow that have just been positioned to outline the eyebrow frame. And use the tip of the eyebrow pencil to gently draw the hair flow from the brow to the end of the brow. If the novice is not familiar with hair flow, you can use eyebrow powder to fill in the eyebrows, so that the eyebrows will look more natural!

Eyebrow brush smudges the brow

After roughly filling the eyebrows, use the eyebrow comb to blend the color of the eyebrows! This step can make the overall eyebrows look more natural and the brows are not rigid. If the novice is not good enough to grasp the shape of the eyebrows, you can smudge the eyebrows with a Z-shape. This way the borders of the brows will look better, and there will be no crayon new brows!

Mascara primer to comb hair flow

Finally, match the mascara primer to make the hair flow on the brows more obvious! This will have a natural and beautiful wild eyebrow feel. Novices recommend not to use mascara at this step, because the amount of mascara is difficult to grasp and it is easy to cause clumping of the eyebrows. If you don’t brush it well, it will ruin the entire eyebrows!