How to do all the makeup with one lipstick

If your budget can only buy one cosmetic product, don’t hesitate to buy lipstick. Choose the right lipstick. In addition to making your lips plump, it is also a secret weapon for brightening your eyes, face and even your neck. Today, I will bring you all these lipstick makeup tricks you never thought of.

Instead of eyeshadow

When putting on makeup, sometimes the eye shadow of the same color cannot be found, and the makeup artist will use lipstick instead, which can be matched and rescued. If you don’t have the right eyeshadow, you also need to “emergency” at some point. Make eye shadow with lipstick. It is best to use a special pre-makeup eye cream or eye liquid foundation before makeup. The eye makeup effect is good, and there is no need to worry that the color of the lipstick will clump and the oil of the lipstick is too greasy for the eyes.

It is more convenient for people with double eyelids to use lipstick as eye shadow. Just dip a little with a brush, just like usual eye shadow, add it between and on the double eyelid. The part close to the eyelashes can be colored heavier, and then gradually change. shallow. Do not paint by hand in this step, otherwise it will be easy to paint unevenly and appear lumps.

If it is a single eyelid, please note that the lipstick can only be used on the inner and outer corners of the eyes, not in the middle, otherwise the eyes will appear puffy and the overall makeup effect is not good.

Can be used as blush

Lipstick as blush is also the “other effects” of lipsticks that we are more familiar with. Many people may have experienced similar “emergency” experiences with lipstick as blush, but most of them ended in poor results. Repeated failures are still unknown. .

Professional make-up artists tell us that the most important thing is to restrain the dosage, not too much, just a little bit, not enough, otherwise the color will be too heavy and it will be troublesome to remedy the damage of the base makeup.

First, apply the lipstick to the protruding part below the base of the thumb, rub it slightly, warm the lipstick with the temperature of the palm, and then press the cheekbones as the center of the circle on the skin and faint to both sides, so that the outward drawing will be better Make the face more contoured.

If you want to make your face look rounder, you can press on the apple muscle (smile muscle) on your face to make it look more rounded and lovely.

Can be modified face

Retouching the contours of the face with lipstick is a “secret trick” of a makeup artist, which can make the face appear smaller and more three-dimensional. In terms of color, it is best to choose a dark brown lipstick (this is why there are “non-red” lipsticks on the counters of many professional brands, which can still exert this effect).

Using lipstick to fix the shape is actually better than using powder, and the color is soft, not too deep or too obvious. After applying the lipstick with a brush, first start from the hairline of the cheekbones and apply to the corners of the mouth to outline the effect of the small face. The color can gradually deepen. Pay attention to the area and do not apply too much or too heavy at once.

Reminder: If you want to deepen the eye contour, you can use a brush to apply the lipstick and pull down naturally along the brow. Not only can the eye contour be more contoured, but the nose can be more three-dimensional.

Can do body painting

Some people may have used “lipstick message”, in fact, this kind of “message” can also be left on the body — it becomes body painting. In fact, it is not difficult to draw a color painting, as long as there is a dark lipstick and enough imagination.

Go to the party after get off work, lipstick painting can make you have a high rate of return, and it can also make you play HIGH enough. The dark-colored lipstick has the best paint effect. Dip it with a brush and roughly outline the shape. If you have high requirements for painting, you can also buy professional “templates” that can have many beautiful patterns and shapes.

Reminder: When you participate in activities, you can choose a darker red color when you paint on the lips, but pay attention when applying it. It is best to point in the middle (1/3 of the middle of the lips) first, and then use lip gloss to darken it. Faint to both sides, so that the transition effect will look good, especially suitable for people with thick and full lips, it will be very sexy when painted.