How to choose the liquid foundation color number

How to choose the liquid foundation that suits you must be one of the difficult problems that novice makeup must do. Don’t blindly pursue the whitest size. Different skin types and complexions require different liquid foundations. Otherwise, the entire face will appear to have a lot of problems such as floating powder, fake white, and makeup, and the unsuitable color number will also appear dirty when applied to the face.

In fact, the effect of foundation is not to whiten oneself, but to polish and conceal blemishes, so the first appeal of choosing foundation is to be highly integrated with the skin.

  1. Choose the right color number

Skin between face and neck

Face and neck will show two colors, just like the color of hands and face, then when choosing foundation color, the skin between face and neck is the best part to avoid being too white or too dark, apply a small amount of foundation, see Whether its color can neutralize the color of the face and neck.

Don’t use too much

There is no need to apply too much foundation on the entire face. Brush around the area with the largest pores and the most oily area as the center, and just add a little T-zone.

Don’t try colors on your hands

If you want to choose a foundation color that suits you, do not try the color on your hands, because the skin color of your hands is different from that of your face. If you are used to testing foundation samples on your hands, you will easily choose the wrong color number. Paint on the mandible to see if it matches.

  1. When you can’t go to the counter for color test

Choose hue first, then lightness

As we usually say, yellow and white, pink and white, yellow and pink refer to hue, and white and two white are brightness; if there is a suitable hue and no suitable brightness, you can lower the brightness to buy.

Three shades of Japanese foundation

Yellow tone, usually starts with BO; neutral tone, also called natural tone, usually starts with OC; pink tone, usually starts with PO.

  1. Steps to choose liquid foundation super easy to use

First find the most suitable Japanese foundation you have on hand to see what tone and brightness it is; then go to the official website of the brand of liquid foundation you want to buy and check the color number; then collect homework online and see your choice If everyone says that the color number is too dark, choose a lightness!