How long does it take to come back white after tanning

Tanning is to make the skin dark and beautiful. Nowadays, more and more people like tanning and think that healthy wheat color is also a kind of beauty. So after tanning, can it be tender and white enough? How long does the tanning last? Let’s take a look!

Can I come back in white after tanning?

After tanning, you can come back in white. But it is more difficult, especially if the complexion that is easy to darken comes back white. During the tanning process, the body synthesizes a large amount of melanin. When it reaches a certain level, a large amount of melanin has been accumulated on the surface and deep layers of the skin. It is not so easy to dilute the melanin, and it takes a long time.

How long does it take to come back white after tanning

In theory, it is 28 days. The epidermal metabolism cycle is 28 days. Many people think that 28 days will be able to come back in vain, but unless they do not go out at all during these 28 days and do not get the sun, it is estimated that most people will not be able to do it. If you want to come back in vain, you need sun protection first. The sun is blazing at noon, try to avoid going out; usually, when you go out, don’t leave your sun umbrellas, hats, and sunglasses. It’s best to put on sun-protective clothing; sunscreen must be wiped on. In addition, most people need a winter after being tanned in summer before they can come to nothing. But this is not absolute. There are many situations. One is that the degree of tanning is different. If it is slightly tanned, it can be recovered in a short time. If it is severely tanned, it must be recovered after winter. Everyone’s skin characteristics are different. Some people are more difficult to recover after tanning, while those with fairer skin are easier to recover.

What are the methods of tanning

There are two main methods of tanning: natural (sun tanning) and artificial (sunless tanning). Natural is the sun bath. The artificial ones are divided into tanning beds and artificial tanning. The tanning bed is based on the principle of sunlight to imitate the sun’s ultraviolet rays through artificial ultraviolet rays. The main reason for it is that ultraviolet rays from the sun are medically proven to cause skin cancer. Artificial ultraviolet rays are much healthier than direct solar ultraviolet rays after filtering out harmful rays. The method of artificial tanning is achieved by using artificial tanning cream or bronze tanning products.

Is sunbathing good for tanning?

There are many ways of tanning. Although simple sunbathing can tan, it has many side effects. Ultraviolet rays are harmful to the skin itself. If you do not protect the skin, it is easy to cause skin spots, which may be serious. Cause skin cancer. Before tanning, you should also apply sunscreen products. Choose a sunscreen with a low UVA coefficient and a high UVB coefficient, which can protect the skin from sunburn and achieve the purpose of tanning.