Get the correct order of skin care

Regarding skin care, the first reaction of many girls is to wash their faces. Otherwise, just apply a lot of water and just do nothing. Moreover, many people tend to get the sequence of skin care in the wrong order, which leads to buying a lot of expensive skin care products, but they feel that they have little effect. So, for an exquisite girl, how to properly skin care? Today I will share with you the correct skin care sequence. Girls, don’t make the mistake of the sequence again next time.

Skin care is accurately divided into two time periods. The first is morning skin care, which aims to protect the skin from damage during a day’s outing. Of course, it is also for better makeup and make makeup more natural and lasting. So compared to night skin care, the process is relatively less. Let’s look at the simple sequence of morning skin care.

The general order of morning skin care is:

Cleansing → toner → essence → lotion/cream → sunscreen

Apply in the order of texture from light to heavy. The eye cream is more flexible and can be placed at any step after the lotion, depending on personal preference. The second is night skin care, which is more important than morning skin care. It can effectively repair your skin problems while you sleep and directly determine the condition of your skin the next day. So don’t fall asleep without removing your makeup or washing because you are tired at night, you must take care of skin care.

The evening skin care process is more complicated. After all, many girls are staying up late. Periodic exfoliation and facial masks are exclusive at night.

What is muscle fluid?

As the name suggests, the muscle foundation is a skin care product that regulates the “muscle foundation” environment. It can help balance the flora and pH on the skin’s surface, make the skin softer, and open up the skin’s absorption channels. Subsequent use of other products can penetrate into the skin faster and more effectively. So where should the muscle foundation be used?

Japanese muscle foundation (pre-water essence):

Many muscle foundations in Japanese skin care products are pre-water essences and need to be used as the first step of skin care after cleansing. After that, add water, milk, essence and other products to enhance the skin’s penetration effect as a whole.

General muscle foundation (priming essence):

Most of the base essence is used after the lotion and before the essence, mainly to amplify the penetration effect of the follow-up essence products, such as anti-aging and whitening.

When is the eye cream applied?

Japanese and Korean eye cream products are recommended to be used in the last step of skin care, while European and American eye creams need to be applied after toner or essence.

Should the serum be used before or after the mask?

Apply the essence before applying the mask to better push the essence into the skin and enhance the penetration effect. However, there is nothing wrong with applying the essence after applying the mask. In addition, if you use a water-washing mask (such as a cream mask, mud mask, etc.), you need to clean the mask before applying the essence to avoid waste.

How to choose a lotion suitable for summer?

If your skin is oily or you like a refreshing feel, you can choose some lotion that contains alcohol or menthol, which not only feels comfortable to use, but also helps tighten pores. The alcohol added in cosmetics is very safe medical alcohol, as long as the skin is not very sensitive, there is no problem.

The typical usage of some Japanese brands is generally to moisturize and soften the skin with the pre-water essence, then use the emulsion to replenish the skin with oil and improve the barrier, and then use water, essence and other products, so that the overall repair and penetration effect will be better.

What kind of lotion is suitable for wet compress?

Do not use too much alcohol products to avoid irritation and dryness. In addition, do not use a lotion that contains a lot of acid ingredients, it is easy to play a too strong oil-controlling exfoliating effect and damage the stratum corneum.

What kind of cream is better for summer?

The lotions and creams used at the end of skin care are all moisturizing products, so choose one according to your skin type and skin care habits. In summer, the temperature and humidity are relatively high. You can choose some creams or creams with relatively low oil content and refreshing texture.

Why is anti-aging in summer important?

The ultraviolet rays in the sun destroy the collagen and elastin in the skin, which will cause the skin to lose its elasticity and cause wrinkles. Therefore, in summer, in addition to using high-power sunscreen during the day, some anti-oxidant creams should be used at night to help repair daytime damage.

Does the sleeping mask need to be cleaned?

Generally speaking, dry skin does not need to be cleaned after using a sleeping mask. If the skin is oily and has some inflammations such as acne, it is best to wash it to avoid burdening the skin. For a girl, skin care must be willing to spend time. Don’t just put various skin care products on your face in a hurry. This not only fails to achieve the effect of skin care, but also easily brings unnecessary burden to the skin.