Face-lift makeup comparable to plastic surgery

Many handicapped parties have painted their beautiful faces “crooked”, not to mention trying to make their faces look thinner through makeup. Today, the editor of my hand-handicapped party also collected real daily face-lifting and makeup methods, the effect is comparable to plastic surgery, let’s get new skills.

The first step is base makeup.

The foundation makeup is the foundation of all makeup. If the foundation makeup is not done well, no amount of superb makeup techniques will produce results. The correct order of base makeup is: water, lotion, base cream, liquid foundation or air cushion powder, set makeup. The makeup of the cushion powder will be more towards the watery skin, and the liquid foundation will have a matte and moisturizing feeling, just choose according to your own preferences. I want to emphasize here that the skin tone of the base makeup should be close to the color of the neck, or whiter than the color of the neck.

Comparison chart before and after makeup

Makeup setting is the final finishing step. It is very important. Fixing make-up can keep your skin tone soft and healthy throughout the day. Use loose powder brush or puff to apply makeup on powdered loose powder, and spray-like setting spray directly on your face. Just spray. Choose between loose powder and makeup spray. My personal recommendation is that the spray is more suitable for dry skin.

The second step is thrush.

Eyebrows play a vital role in shaping the face. Oval face, any eyebrow shape is suitable for good-looking. Both round face and square face are suitable for standard eyebrows. The so-called standard eyebrows are just slightly wider. The editor here emphasizes that round and square faces are not suitable for “one-word eyebrows.” Although it is so beautiful to see Korean stars draw one-line eyebrows, the one-line eyebrows appear shorter and rounder visually on round and square faces.

The third part: trimming. Contouring and highlighting are very important steps in makeup. Here is the secret to three-dimensional facial features and face-lifting.

What kind of face shape is suitable for what kind of trim and highlight?

Remember the big principle: Highlights are mainly on the T-shaped part, the back of the nose, the nose, the chin, etc., and the contours are mainly on the sides of the bridge of the nose, the sides of the cheeks, and the cheekbones!

The fourth part: blush.

Many people don’t pay much attention to blush. In fact, blush can brighten the complexion better, and at the same time give people a feeling of vitality, which is necessary for reducing age. So when you draw face-lift makeup, use blush to embellish it to highlight your temperament. The daily blush of red bean paste, rose, and almond are more versatile. Apply blush with a blush brush or blush powder puff on both sides of the cheeks or near the apple muscles. Just a little bit of color development. Don’t apply too much. If it is too red, there will be a sense of “plateau red”.

Step 5: Eyeshadow

Choose a matte, light-colored primer to blend on the entire eye socket, then apply dark eye shadow on the crease of the eyelid, and finally use the darkest color to blend on the half of the back of the eye, the eye shadow is basically applied .

Step 6: Eyeliner

Whether it is double eyelid, single eyelid or inner double eyelid, you can draw a standard eyeliner of general style. Use an eyeliner to draw a smooth eyeliner along the root of the eyelashes. The end of the eye can be extended or raised according to your preference.

Now, a face-lift makeup is done. Have you learned it? For those who are lazy and have no time, it is too hard to paint such face-lift makeup every day! Is there any better way?

In this regard, the editor can only answer that if you want to have a truly exquisite “face-lifting”, it is best to choose surgical face-lifting. Because surgical face-lifting can solve the problems of wide bones and thick fat at one time, and it is the most permanent way to achieve face-lifting effect.

When many people heard about face-lift surgery, they said, Oh, is the effect so good? A young lady I know, I don’t want to be beautiful after finishing it! It is said that she invited the dean of Beijing Shengjiaxin Medical Beauty Hospital Zhang Xiaotian to perform a face-lifting operation called XT Mandibular Face-lifting, which comprehensively improved the angle, thickness, shape, jaw margin and chin of her mandible angle; A long-curved osteotomy method is used, and the edge of the bone has been finely improved, so that there is such a beautiful mandibular angle!