Drawing eyebrows like this is better than plastic surgery!

Not everyone has thick and complete eyebrows. Many fairies have very light eyebrows or uneven growth, so after trimming the eyebrows, we have to draw the eyebrows to complete the eyebrow makeup.

The effect of eyebrows is not just a little bit! It feels more useful to draw right than plastic surgery! I’ll give you a trick today!

Tips for eyebrow trimming:

  1. Before trimming your eyebrows, first fill up your eyebrows with eyebrow powder or eyebrow wax along with your natural eyebrow line. The plump eyebrow shape can help you pluck only the excess hairs and prevent excessive plucking.
  2. Start from the bottom of the eyebrows instead of the top. Whenever you trim the hair between the eyebrow line instead of along the top of the eyebrows, this can prevent your eyebrows from appearing to be over trimmed and losing your natural eyebrow shape.

Eyebrow trimming steps/methods

Step1: Check the height of the eyebrow peaks on both sides

Facing the mirror, place the brush flat on the top of both eyebrows, and check the height of the brow peaks on both sides. If the height difference between the two sides does not exceed 0.3cm, the peaks of the eyebrows need to be trimmed; especially for beginners, it is not recommended to trim the peaks of the eyebrows, which will be easily damaged. Complete the brow shape.

Step2: Remove the miscellaneous hairs between the eyebrows

First, use a complete razor to shave off the large areas of miscellaneous hair between the eyebrows and eyes.

Step3: Tweezers to remove the fine hairs near the eyebrows

Use tweezers to pluck out the fine hairs near the eyebrows. When plucking, clamp the roots and pull them up straight. Note that as long as you slowly pluck the fringe hairs on the edges, plucking too much will create gaps in the eyebrows.

Step4: Smooth the eyebrows

Use eyebrow comb or eyebrow brush, brush from the brow to the brow peak.

Step5: comb down the eyebrows from the peak to the end of the eyebrow

The eyebrows from the peak to the end of the eyebrow should be combed down.

Step6: Trim the edge of the eyebrows into a neat arc

Use curved scissors to trim the edge of the combed eyebrows into a neat arc.

Step7: Use a steel comb to lift the eyebrows and cut them short

If the eyebrows are too long, use a steel comb to lift the eyebrows and cut them short.

Step8: Shave the hairs between the eyebrows and the hairline, and trim the miscellaneous hair between the eyebrows.

Shave the hairs between the eyebrows and hairline. If there are obvious hairs on the C-shaped area at the end of the eyes, shave it to make the makeup look clean.