Does the cotton pad make the face sensitive?

Cotton pads are a good skin care tool. But now some people have proposed that long-term use of it will destroy the keratin, and the skin will become more and more sensitive?

Unfortunately, long-term use of it will really weaken the skin barrier, but the following three conditions need to be met:

×Poor quality of cotton pads

×Long-term use of cotton pads

×The cotton pad is less soaked

Both need to be satisfied at the same time to make the stratum corneum thin and the skin to become very sensitive.

But at the same time, don’t underestimate the speed of our stratum corneum growth. And we also have the behavior of consuming keratin in normal times. I don’t know, but you didn’t find it.

For example, no matter whether we use a towel or a face towel after washing our face, it will rub the keratin, which will peel off the stratum corneum, but it is relatively small. And when we rubbed the pillows when we were sleeping, the keratin would also peel off.

Not only the speed at which our stratum corneum grows, we must also use cotton pads correctly. Don’t be greedy to buy cheap makeup materials with inferior materials, and we should not be too stingy with your skin care products when we soak the cotton pads.

Warm reminder: And sensitive muscles should be gentle on your skin, don’t try too hard!