Do supple and straighten

Many girls want to have flowing and smooth hair, but most girls have problems such as dryness, split ends, frizz, etc. They can choose to go to the barber shop to do softness or straightening to keep their hair in good condition. So, how many days can I wash my hair?

You can wash your hair for a few days

After the hair is softened, you need to wash your hair at two days intervals. Because the hair is usually fragile after finishing soft, you need to avoid direct sunlight, reduce contact with water, and don’t pull the hair too hard, because these may cause damage to the hair.

What is the difference between being soft and straightening

  1. In terms of effect: Suppleness is not as straight and smooth as straightening, but suppleness is more natural than straightening. Suppleness is to soften your natural rolls or previously hot rolls and become relatively straight and sag. Straightening is different. After straightening, the hair will look very rigid, and it will stick to the scalp, and it will damage the hair quality.
  2. In the process: Straightening is only one more process than suppleness, suppleness is to use potion, and straightening is to iron it with a straight clamp after the potion is used up.
  3. In terms of injury: Straightening is to change the properties of the hair. Therefore, the natural curvature of the hair is rigidly changed by the syrup and hairdressing equipment to make it straight, and the color perception is greatly changed. But straightening is more harmful to the hair, so it is not suitable for long-term treatment.

Precautions for soft hair

  1. Hair softening is actually softening. It is usually a step before perming or straightening. It is a hairdressing care method for hard hair. It can improve hair frizzy and bending problems, and make hair soft and soft.
  2. The process of hair softening is to apply the syrup on the hair, the hair scales are opened, and the ingredients in the syrup are absorbed, so that the structure and nature of the hair are changed, and the hair becomes soft.
  3. After finishing the hair will become softer, but the time that this soft state can be maintained is different, mainly related to the personal hair quality, the quality of the syrup, the method of hair maintenance and other factors, because the hair is growing every day , The newly grown hair will destroy the original hairstyle.
  4. In addition to softening, you can also use your own shampoo when shampooing, and then use a conditioner or hair mask to take care of it every once in a while.