Shoes with flared pants

Flared pants have always been very popular, both retro and fashionable, and they are often seen in high-end shows. Flared trousers have been worn by many fashionistas with a different feeling. So what kind of shoes do flared trousers look good with? Learn to wear these styles to be very beautiful, take a look down, let’s learn. Continue reading “Shoes with flared pants”

Try wearing a summer suspender skirt like this

You can start by choosing the type of suspender skirt and the matching of accessories. The suspender skirt has a sexy long suspender skirt with a deep V one-piece style, and there are also short and cute suspender skirts. If you want to match it well, you must choose different types of suspender skirts. At the same time, the accessories on the body can also add luster to the collocation, such as the color, material, and jewellery of the bag, which is also full of fashion. Continue reading “Try wearing a summer suspender skirt like this”

I have dry skin on my face with makeup

There is a stratum corneum on the outer layer of our skin, which can prevent the moisture loss of skin cells, and can also prevent external dirt from entering the skin, which has a certain protective effect on the skin. Many people have skin peeling. Some people who love beauty are prone to peeling after makeup, and they can see a lot of chapped skin after makeup. What should I do? Continue reading “I have dry skin on my face with makeup”

You must wash your face before applying the mask

Facial mask is the most commonly used moisturizing skin care product for friends, but there are also some people who claim that they never apply facial masks, and their skin is still very supple, better than those who apply facial masks every day. This raises some questions. How should a mask be applied to the skin, and should I take care of it before applying the mask? Continue reading “You must wash your face before applying the mask”

Color matching method

Blue jeans have always been everyone’s favorite, simple, comfortable and fashionable. It has been popular for decades and has been sought after by fashionistas. Although jeans are versatile, they have different feelings when paired with different short sleeves. What is the secret of matching? Come and see which match you prefer. Continue reading “Color matching method”