The trendiest mix of 2020

  1. Black jeans + short boots

Spring is here, and jeans are the most popular one. This black-designed jeans is a style that everyone can control. The slim version makes it easy to wear a good-looking figure, and it is very thin and beautiful. Short boots are the most fashionable collocation in 2020. They look good no matter how you wear them, and they are a little handsome. Continue reading “The trendiest mix of 2020”

The belly is getting smaller and the skin is better!

Thinking that summer is a good time to lose weight, many female friends may spend it hungry. Dieting to lose weight has a certain effect, but it still has a certain impact on the body, which can easily cause stomach atrophy. Most women who lose weight choose not to eat at night, and some people call it the “no food after lunch” method of weight loss. Is it scientific? Continue reading “The belly is getting smaller and the skin is better!”