After-sun skin care in summer

Because of the high temperature in summer, many people like to run to the beach during their breaks, but they don’t pay attention to sun protection. So after returning from the beach, they began to complain about why they still get sunburned after applying sunscreen. And why do I get sunburned and what should I do after sunburn? I have compiled the following knowledge about post-sun treatment for everyone, let’s take a look. Continue reading “After-sun skin care in summer”

People who like to stay up late should pay attention to eye wrinkles

As the saying goes, “the eyes are the window of the soul”, a pair of beautiful big eyes will add a lot to personal charm. But at the same time, the corners of the eyes are also the most prone to wrinkles and need to be taken care of. In 60.8% of people, wrinkles appear first at the corners of their eyes, and crow’s feet can be described as a pain in the heart of women. From this, various eye care products, massage methods, various laps, piano players, etc. appeared. Continue reading “People who like to stay up late should pay attention to eye wrinkles”

These tips keep you away from the mask face

This summer is undoubtedly a period of high incidence of “mask face” for many friends. Especially in many special industries, the requirement for masks is that they must be worn. For the stuffy “mask face”, many babies must become extremely depressed and want to cry! After wearing it for so long every day, all kinds of skin problems have come out. Acne, blackheads, peeling, redness, itching, tingling…it is really bad. Continue reading “These tips keep you away from the mask face”