Precautions for sensitive skin

It’s so hot recently! When the temperature was over 30 degrees, my face was sweaty after going out, and my face with makeup was completely invisible. It was a major disaster scene, so I simply gave up…

Some sister papers are too much tossed by the high temperature, crying every day for skin problems. I keep sweating outdoors because of the high temperature, and the friction when wiping dry with a paper towel will damage the stratum corneum of the skin. When entering the room, the skin will experience a high temperature difference. The whole face will not only become red but also peel off.

In fact, many babies have this trouble. If the repair is not done in time, the skin on the face will be dry and peeling. Redness, itching, and acne are normal, so they don’t dare to put on makeup…

If you find that your facial skin is very fragile, there are redness, rashes, red blood streaks, don’t doubt, it is most likely to be sensitive skin.

Many people tend to confuse allergies with allergies. Allergic skin is a symptom of dermatitis, a stress response caused by skin allergies to external substances.

But allergies≠sensitivity. Sensitive skin is a relatively fragile skin condition, which is more prone to various skin problems than normal skin.

There are many factors for sensitive skin:

It may be because of certain systemic diseases that reduce the skin barrier function;
It may be due to aging, which reduces the function of the skin’s sebum membrane and thins the stratum corneum;
Skin care measures are unscientific, causing damage to the skin barrier function;
Long-term extensive use of topical glucocorticoids, certain laser treatments, etc. without medical advice;
Of course, it may also be due to high psychological pressure and poor sleep.

People with sensitive skin will experience symptoms such as skin burning, tingling, tightness, itching, and telangiectasia under the stimulation of cold, heat, alcohol, or drugs. Some people may even develop erythema and pimples on their skin.

Now everyone’s sensitive skin is mostly made by myself. Many people have this kind of experience. My skin used to be pretty good. After applying various skin care, my skin condition has deteriorated from year to year, and finally my skin has become sensitive. It’s like winter frostbite, this year, all kinds of problems will entangle you every year.

What to pay attention to for sensitive skin.

Gentle cleaning

Exfoliating scrubs or cleansing masks need to be used cautiously. The skin is already very sensitive, and the protective barrier is also rubbed off. What is this not for death? Even if you have oily skin, during this period, like dry skin and sensitive skin, use a mild amino acid facial cleanser to cleanse. Don’t use a large soap-based facial cleanser for temporary dryness.

Streamline skin care

Don’t try to use acne-removing medicines (such as acid brushing, acne-removing cream, etc.) just because of acne bursting. This can easily make your skin more fragile! Temporarily put aside all the powerful skin care products on your hand, streamline the skin care steps, reduce the burden on the skin, and let it have time to breathe.

Pay attention to sun protection

It is recommended to use an umbrella or a hat for sun protection. If you want to apply sunscreen, use physical sun protection.

Barrier repair

There are two cases to be divided into dry sensitivity (referred to as dry sensitivity) and oil sensitivity (referred to as oil sensitivity). For dry allergies, you can use a moisturizing cream with barrier repair function, petrolatum, polydimethylsiloxane, and ceramide are all classic ingredients for dry allergies. If you use these products, if you have closed mouth or acne, apply a little less, or directly choose the following oil-sensitive treatment methods.

Oily sensitivity is particularly difficult.

There is no problem with sebum secretion, but the stratum corneum is broken, and no amount of sebum can be formed into a film. But because there is no shortage of sebum, the products with dry allergies will be more oily, and some lipid components suitable for dry allergies, such as ceramide and petrolatum, may cause acne craziness or long mouth if you are not careful. Therefore, it is recommended to use hyaluronic acid-based products for oil sensitivity, which can form a water-based film on the skin surface, which can prevent external irritation and repair the damaged barrier at the same time.

In fact, sensitive skin shouldn’t be too scared.

Remember the skin care formula for sensitive skin: do not carelessly skin care, gently cleanse, timely moisturize, pay attention to sunscreen, and precise repair. I believe you and your skin will be in peace.

7 tips to prevent eye bags

Bags under the eyes, as the biggest obstacle to becoming a goddess, are a lingering nightmare for girls. The appearance of bags under the eyes is a sign of facial aging. It not only seriously affects the aesthetics of the eyes, but also gives people a sense of vicissitudes and exhaustion, which easily exposes your age. Let you suddenly change from a young girl to a middle-aged aunt, desperate!

How lethal is the bag under the eyes? The same facial features, but with more bags under the eyes, the whole person’s appearance and temperament slipped a lot in an instant. Eye bags can make people look older than 10 years old! Moreover, the long-term existence of bags under the eyes will accelerate the aging of the eyes, and increase the sagging skin, wrinkles and dark circles of the lower eyelids.

Distinguish between lying silkworms and eye bags

Many people often confuse lying silkworms with bags under the eyes, but there is a big difference between the two. Eye bags are the accumulation of fat under the eyes, causing the eyes to bulge. It is static. When we are not moving, the bags under the eyes will also exist. While lying silkworms are dynamic, they will bulge in an oval shape when they laugh, which will add points to their appearance.

Classification of bags under the eyes:

The human eyelid skin is very thin, and the subcutaneous tissue is thin and loose, and it is prone to edema, resulting in the well-known eye bags. The formation of eye bags depends on many factors, and it becomes more obvious with age, women generally develop eye bags between 25 and 30 years old. Eye bags can be divided into two types, one is temporary, the other is permanent.

Temporary eye bags

Temporary bags under the eyes are mostly caused by temporary accumulation of body fluids caused by insufficient sleep, excessive eye use, pregnancy, and excessive drinking before going to bed. At this time, the bags under the eyes are sometimes obvious, sometimes not obvious, and women can relieve them by physical means. For example, prepare an eye cream to wipe the eye skin every day, or prepare a cucumber in the refrigerator for half an hour, take it out, wash and cut into small slices, apply it to the eye area for 10 minutes, and then take it off to replenish moisture and improve eye bags. These physical methods have a certain effect on temporary eye bags.

Permanent eye bags

Permanent eye bags are caused by age, orbicularis muscle hypertrophy, genetics and other reasons. Once permanent eye bags are formed, that is, the tissue structure has changed. There is no way to correct eye cream and other cosmetics. This situation can only be corrected and removed through eye bag removal surgery.

So how can we prevent eye bags?

  1. Sufficient sleep

Lack of sleep is an important cause of premature eye bags and their aggravation. A good sleep can effectively improve the blood circulation of the eyelid tissues, relieve eye fatigue, and slow down eyelid aging.

  1. Balanced nutritional intake

Eat more green vegetables and foods rich in vitamin A on weekdays. You can also eat colloids, animal liver, tomatoes, potatoes and the like. Although the effect is not immediate, as long as you stick to it, you will definitely receive unexpected results.

  1. Eye massage

You can learn some eye massage techniques. For example, eye exercises are a good massage method, which not only helps prevent eye bags and dark circles, but also improves vision.

  1. Choose the right eye cream and eye mask

When choosing eye creams and eye masks, you must pay attention to the quality. Don’t be greedy for more or cheap, and you must use products that suit your eye skin.

  1. Drink less water before going to bed

Some girls like to drink a lot of water at night. If it is not very necessary, do not drink a lot of water before going to bed at night, otherwise the eyes will be prone to swelling the next day, and the bags under the eyes will become bigger over time.

  1. Be gentle when applying makeup

The skin around the eyes is relatively weak. Make-up and makeup removers can easily pull on the skin and produce fine lines and bags under the eyes. Therefore, you should remember to use the correct method and be gentle. Do not rub your eyes vigorously at ordinary times, rub your eyes vigorously to damage the eye skin.

  1. Pull up your eyelids when wearing contact lenses

Nowadays, many little fairies have the habit of wearing contact lenses or cosmetic contact lenses. When wearing them, they will habitually pull down their eyelids. Sometimes they will take them off three or four times a day. This will make the skin of the lower eyelids less tight. If you want to wear the lens easily, you can gently lift the upper eyelid.

The appearance of bags under the eyes is the inevitable result of human aging and genetic genes. Only by doing eye care and scientific routines can the appearance of bags under the eyes be prevented.

Avoid some easy mistakes of skin care

How long does it take to go from an enviable good skin to a bad face? Maybe you don’t believe it, just a few months! In fact, the formation of skin problems is not a day or two, and it is difficult to solve it in a short time with one product. Rather than the quick way to get good skin, I believe in some correct and scientific skin care experience. If you persist in or avoid minefields for a long time, the skin will naturally heal slowly. Let’s take a look at the easy mistakes.

Is applying a mask every day really good for the skin?

The main function of a hydrating mask is to replenish water, but it is not equal to moisturizing, and it cannot help us lock in skin moisture. Moreover, applying the mask every day can easily form excessive hydration, which can damage the skin’s barrier function, become fragile and sensitive, and in severe cases, it will spread. Red and peeling.

Therefore, the mask can be applied once every 2-3 days, not every day. Generally apply for 10-15 minutes, the nutrients in the mask have been absorbed by the skin and the moisture content is reduced. If you continue to apply it, it will reverse the absorption of moisture in the skin, causing the skin to become dehydrated and dry.

In addition, remember to wash your face after applying the mask. If the excess essence stays on the face and is not washed off, it will easily cause skin problems such as clogged pores, enlarged pores, and acne. So remember to wash your face with clean water after application, don’t let the beauty become disfigured.

Is it safer to make homemade natural skin care products?

There should be many people who have tried white vinegar to wash their face, egg white on their face, and fruit and vegetable juice on their face, but these natural things may also be harmful to the face. Like white vinegar, it is very acidic and irritates the skin. The nutrients in fruit and vegetable juice are difficult to absorb and may clog pores. Raw eggs contain bacteria. Use egg white directly on your face. For those with sensitive skin, infection may be induced. Homemade facial masks are not processed and strictly disinfected, which can easily lead to dermatitis. Therefore, it is better to choose products from regular manufacturers to be safer.

Washing your face alternately with hot and cold water can shrink pores?

“The hot water opens the pores and the cold water shrinks the pores, so that washing the face will be cleaner and also shrink the pores.” At first it sounds reasonable, but have you considered how your skin feels during this hot and cold? Alternating hot and cold water can make the skin look firmer temporarily, but at the same time, the blood vessels on the face will also be stimulated by temperature, which promotes the shedding of healthy lipids, leading to damage to the skin barrier and becoming more sensitive. Therefore, the best water temperature should be around 36-37°C. The closer the water temperature is to body temperature, the more suitable for washing your face, and use running water instead of a basin to prevent dirt from attaching to your face again.

Do you have to use facial cleanser sooner or later? The more foam in the facial cleanser, the better?

Some people think that they didn’t use facial cleanser to wash their face, which is equivalent to not washing, so they must use it sooner or later. It’s true to use facial cleanser at night. The skin is exposed to the outside for a day, and it is stained with dust and oil. Use facial cleanser to clean these to prevent clogging of pores.

The need for facial cleanser in the morning varies from person to person. For people with dry skin, the skin does not secrete too much oil at night, and warm water can wash it off. For mixed skin, you can choose to use it both morning and evening, or you can choose to use it once at night, depending on the oily condition of the skin, it is recommended to choose a relatively mild one in the morning. For oily skin, you can use it both morning and evening.

Facial cleanser is not the more foam the better. Related to foam is the foaming agent in the facial cleanser, but the foaming agent is often also a surfactant, which has a certain cleaning effect. If the pursuit of foam is excessive, it may cause excessive cleaning and irritation to the skin. Oily skin can accept foamy skin, but dry skin or sensitive skin is best to use low foaming or non-foaming.

Change skin care products frequently

The skin renewal cycle is generally about 28 days, so it is difficult for skin care products to have an immediate effect. For example, some whitening and stability maintenance products require a cycle. Many people use it for a while without noticeable effect, and then start to replace it frequently. In fact, it is not very good for the skin. At least you have to give it a process of adaptation. If there is really no change after using it for a period of time, it means that this skin care product is really not suitable for you, you can consider changing it. Of course, if the product you are using causes allergies or allergies, you need to stop immediately!

Brush acid can have good skin

Acid brushing can indeed remove acne marks and exfoliate, and solve many skin problems, but acid brushing is actually a high-risk behavior! Especially for people with thin stratum corneum, it will really “rotten face”. Many people don’t know whether they tolerate it, the type and concentration of acid, and how to care for it after brushing. If they don’t agree, they start brushing acid, which damages the skin barrier, and they have to see a dermatologist.

If you want to brush your own acid, you can start with skin care products that contain low concentrations of acid, and slowly build tolerance, and don’t apply too much force at once. note! Because brushing acid itself can exfoliate, do not use other exfoliating products in the future, and do not add skin care products containing alcohol. Moreover, the stratum corneum will become thinner after brushing, so moisturizing and sun protection are particularly important. In fact, this method of acid brushing is not recommended for individuals! At least you must master various theoretical knowledge in advance before you start.

Pay attention to these points to prevent and improve enlarged pores

It is said that 60% of Asian women have pore troubles. Since everyone is the same, it seems to be fine. Having said that, it is really tricky to have large pores. When applying makeup, it will get stuck, and when removing makeup, it is intensive phobia, and the aesthetic distance must be kept at least one meter.

So today I will talk to you about the problem of enlarged pores. How big are the pores to be considered large? Large pores usually appear on the tip of the nose, on both sides of the nose, around the nose, cheeks, and forehead. On the surface, the pores appear to be “open”, and the holes are visible. Although there is no particularly obvious “sag” to the touch, it also looks like a vicissitudes of life that has been bombarded by landmines.

In this case, the pores are already enlarged. Why are the pores getting thicker and thicker with diligent skin care? If you have a acne, you can guess that it’s staying up late and having a sweet and greasy diet, but the pores are not the same. There is no warning, it seems that they appeared without doing anything.

In order to “prescribe the right medicine” to shrink pores correctly, we must first sort out these 5 major causes.

  1. Strong oil secretion

We will find that oily skin is more prone to enlarged pores than dry skin/mixed dry skin, and large pores are generally concentrated on the inside of the nose and face. This is because oily skin secretes more oil, and these two parts of the face are Extra oil. The more oil is secreted, the more it needs to be discharged from the skin. In order to smoothly discharge, the “channel” of the pores will be forced to widen, so the pores become larger.

  1. Loose skin elasticity

As we age, skin aging is inevitable, collagen and elastic fibers begin to lose, the skin support structure near the pores becomes weaker, and the pores will look more obvious. In the same way, we know that ultraviolet rays in the sun can cause the loss of collagen and elastic fibers, so if sun protection is not done well, it will also make the pores appear extraordinarily large.

  1. Increased hair follicle volume

That is to say, the hair growth is relatively vigorous. For example, when new hair grows or the hair becomes thick, the hair follicles will become larger, and the pores will naturally become larger.

  1. Improper skin care behavior

Picking, squeezing, scratching, picking, prickling, or removing acne, no matter what it is, there is mechanical irritation to the skin, which may not only cause skin wounds and even infection, but also cause enlarged pores. And to tear the nasal membrane, in addition to “pull” part of the acne, but also “pull” away the keratin on the surface of the skin, which causes the stratum corneum to become thinner, and the pores become more and more obvious. Therefore, stop tossing. The essential.

  1. Unhealthy lifestyle

The degree of sebaceous gland secretion will also be affected by the body’s endocrine, diet, rest and sleep state, mood and other factors. When the sebaceous glands secrete more oil, the problem of enlarged pores will be further aggravated.

So how to properly fight against enlarged pores?

  1. Oil control is the first priority

The secretion of oil is the most direct cause of enlarged pores, so the reason why oily skin is more prone to enlarged pores. In addition to a light diet and a regular schedule, skin care products containing oil control ingredients, such as A alcohol, niacinamide, and salicylic acid, can be used. If you want to brush the sour baby, you can start with a low concentration of salicylic acid, but be careful not to use acids and niacinamide at the same time.

  1. Soothing and repairing in time

Excessive oil secretion can cause enlarged pores as well as acne. So you can use some soothing and repairing products to relieve skin damage.

  1. Don’t forget sunscreen

I believe I don’t need to say more about this. Sun protection can be said to be something that must be done in skin care projects. Even in autumn and winter, you must not relax your vigilance. The ultraviolet rays are more intense than you think.

  1. Persist in anti-aging

You know, since we are 20 years old, our collagen has been lost year by year, so the importance of anti-aging is self-evident. There are many good products on the market, so you can choose according to your needs.

  1. Cleaning must be in place

Excessive oil secretion will not only directly lead to enlarged pores, but also blackheads due to improper cleaning. Long blackheads will re-enlarge the pores. Needless to say, it is an endless loop. Therefore, you can’t be lazy to remove your makeup. Choose your facial cleanser and use it once or twice to cleanse your pores.

  1. Replace inappropriate skin care products

How much oil does the skin produce after using up skin care products and cosmetics? It is recommended to reduce the use or replace it directly, it is not suitable for your face. When prevention is possible, try to prevent it first (such as sun protection, exercise, and diet).