Self-help guide for acne

What I’m telling you today is the acne problem that plagues many people. Many people think that acne is just a puberty, so they don’t pay much attention to it. They should eat and drink, and stay up late to chase drama. As everyone knows, these are all Causes of acne. In addition, after developing acne, because I did not have a comprehensive understanding of this aspect, there was also a period of messy medication. As a result, not only did the acne not recover, but also made myself sensitive skin alive. Continue reading “Self-help guide for acne”

Tips for Anti-aging

As the age increases a little bit, anti-aging must be immediate, skin care can no longer stay on the “basic”! Anti-aging must be arranged! There is no strict age classification for anti-aging. The skin has memory, the sooner you start to take care of it, the more room the skin can recover and rise in the future. Having said that, how do you perform anti-aging skin care and how to choose targeted products? Continue reading “Tips for Anti-aging”

How to remove dark circles under eyes

It is said that the eyes can speak. Because the eyes have the densest muscle groups, they ensure that the eyes are the most flexible of the five senses. This is why we often say a look is worth a thousand words. But the talking eyes have their own troubles. Because the skin around the eyes is thin and fragile (the average thickness is only 1/4 of the face), coupled with the non-stop eye movement (an average of up to 10,000 blinks per day), the skin around the eyes is usually the first and most likely to appear The most problems (a lot of the most…), and here, dark circles are definitely one of the most troublesome problems. Continue reading “How to remove dark circles under eyes”

7 wrong skin care methods

I often see baby messages in the background saying that I have a lot of skin problems and I don’t know how to deal with them. I hope to recommend some useful skin care products to solve the problems. In fact, the formation of skin problems is not a day or two, and it is difficult to solve it in a short time with one product. Rather than the quick way to get good skin, you must believe in some correct and scientific skin care experience. If you stick to it for a long time or avoid making mistakes, your skin will naturally grow better. Take a look at these easy mistakes, which will cause your skin to become worse and worse. Continue reading “7 wrong skin care methods”